Lakers-Celtics: What I Learned From the NBA Finals

RikenContributor IJune 13, 2008

I have to admit. I didn't see the game last night. "What? Did I read this right?" Yes, you did! You see, I went to my nephew’s high school graduation instead.

Not because my wife said so; or God forbid my mother-in-law made me do it. No, because it was my way to honor him and his accomplishments. The kid did well (graduated No. 16 in his class)

Anyhow, I still managed to keep taps on the game. I don't own a cell phone with sports breaking news or anything but, a funny thing happened: There was a basketball fan on the stands by us keeping the crowd informed with updates.

Not just any updates. The guy actually had a 'scoring board' that he continually erased the scores, updated the time left on the clock and held the sign up in the air for everyone to see (meanwhile, the speeches on how this graduating class was the high school's 'best ever' rang on in the distance.)

That guy was a riot! Thinking back, there wasn't a shortage of info pouring in from my family either. They had their cell phones on even as my family was evenly divided with Celtic and Lakers’ fans.

Somehow, we all get along, really. Some kids enjoy LeBron and Garnett while others go for Kobe and Gasol. That's the beauty of sports I suppose. You can be as hardcore as you want to be and people will still like you.  That’s alright by me too.

Coming back home: When I got back home at around 11:00 p.m., my first thing intent was to see the highlights. I saw them, and I couldn't believe them. There it was. Gasol dunkin' and Bryant scoring at will.

The Celtics defense nowhere to be found. A couple of minutes later, they found a way to score and win this game. Good for them! They deserved the win.

Let me tell you, I learned lots of things from yesterday's graduation and the game I’ve missed but one thing stood out: PERSEVERANCE.

If you have that and keep your eye on the prize, YOU CAN DO IT! My nephew did, so did the Celtics last night.