MMA: American Promotions Need Better Production Values

Evan RossCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

You could hear a pin drop.

The two fighters rolled for position on the floor. Neither was landing devastating strikes but the audience knew that, in a split second, a mistake could mean the end of the night for one man.

Juxtaposed ...

On a ramp are 14 girls who are just one step up from strippers. They dance poorly to some atrocious song with an unintelligible beat.

The fighters in the cage circle, looking for an opening. The crowd begins to drunkenly boo as the fighters have not thrown a looping haymaker in the last 20 seconds.

I remember watching a UFC Fight Night about six months ago which, and to be honest, I've forgotten which one it was. What I didn't forget is that for about five minutes during one of the fights, the audio went out.

All you could hear were the fighters and their corners.

I was enraptured.

Without the announcements of Rogan and Goldberg, I could watch the fights unbiased, as if I was there.

If there is one thing I hate about MMA, it is the fans.

What is it about American, Canadian, and European fans that make it so that the fights are being viewed more as a drunken brawl than a test of skill.

This is opposed to the Japanese fans, who seem to understand when to cheer and when to observe quietly. That is why I love watching the Japanese promotions.

First, I care about great fights, so don't look at this author as one of those guys who still say Pride did it better, but in terms of production value...they did.

I was just watching one of the Bushido series the other day. I loved how, in the beginning, they present each of the fighters. They were all on the same stage, the same level. They were all equals and seemed to earn respect for the blood they spilled.

What is the time between rounds used for in the UFC pay-per-view? Commercials for Blade: The TV Series.

The bottom line is that American promoters should take an earnest look at larger Japanese promotions and how they conduct their shows.

I really can't come up with an answer for idiotic fans.

Perhaps not having the fighter walk down with fans so close so we didn't have to see some frat guy flipping off the camera. Perhaps Elite XC could get rid of the glorified strippers, so I could not have to change the channel quickly for the little eyes that are watching.

As long as MMA is marketed like a misogynistic blood sport, it will never be respected for how great a sport it truly is.