Ireland Clutching At Straws

tumang bokabaCorrespondent INovember 20, 2009

DUBLIN, IRELAND - NOVEMBER 14:  Republic of Ireland fans show their support before the FIFA 2010 World Cup Qualifier play off first leg between Republic of Ireland and France at Croke Park   on November 14, 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.  (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Listen to enough English radio and TV talk shows and you'd be certain that Thierry Henry was a murderer and that the French Republic was harbouring a wanted fugitive.

Travesty of justice. Miscarriage of Justice. Cheats. Typical French. Frogs. And and and. Ahem.

What happened on Wednesday in the game between France and Ireland is nothing new and will forever happen. What Thierry Henry did was instinctive, almost everyone agrees that it is a human reaction to try to keep the ball playing.

For Robbie Keane and them to suggest that the French planned to cheat is simply clutching at straws. The Irish FA has now requested FIFA to replay the game because a precedent has been set by an FA Cup between Arsenal and Sheffield. This is unlikely.

It sets a very dangerous precedent and creates a rot on the back of FIFA and UEFA. The Irish FA chief when quizzed on why when he didn't request a replay in their Georgia game when apparently a a dubious decision was given in their favor, he stated without irony that the two games were different?

Are they? Ireland win a game in dubious circumstances and it is fine. They lose a game and the whole world must stop. The Irish Chief went on to state that they are requesting the replay because amongst other things "the whole world was watching."

This, when four other games were playing. Hardly the whole world, I'd say. Did Henry cheat? It depends on how you look at it. 

Hasn't Ireland benefited from a question call during games and never thought otherwise? Are they only team to have been victims of poor officiating? England lost the World Cup to a handball. Ireland lost a game.

Get over it move on. A match not worth more than three points. Robbie Keane cries out that UEFA and FIFA are celebrating now that a bigger nation has qualified instead of them. And? Give me a sponsor that would like to see minnows competing in a money making tournament. The FA would much rather have a Manchester United - Liverpool game everyday of the week than a Stoke and Hull FA Cup final.

It is business. Football is business, Keane. Deal with it. Yes, FIFA are happy France are through. UEFA are happy that Ireland is out. Move on. As for Ireland calling France cheats?

Didn't they have a fraud Tony Cascarino playing for them for a good 14 years? Will they agree that all those 88 games the fraudster played be invalidated and the opposing teams be compensated? European Championships and World Cups the fraud played in.

While many people sympathise with the manner in which they lost the game, this is not a world crisis. Ultimately, it is just a game.There'll be more coming and I am certain they'll win some controversially.