NCAA Football Week 12 Preview: Continuing to Hope For an Upset

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NCAA Football Week 12 Preview: Continuing to Hope For an Upset
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Maybe Oklahoma State needing its third-string QB to make sure Colorado didn’t pull the upset late Thursday night was a good sign.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping for.

Truth be told, this season has been full of close upset possibilities around the country. Top teams down late or in close games with unranked opponents. But rarely have any of these close contests panned out into full-blown upsets.

In fact, the top three teams in the country—Texas, Alabama, and Florida—were all considered top-five teams at the beginning of the season, definitely a rare occurrence during these past few years.

Furthermore, this weekend doesn’t shape up to be a nail-biter filled slate of Saturday games. But maybe, just maybe, the fact that a 3-8 team nearly beat a BCS bowl eligible Cowboys squad is a good sign for the underdog. They’re definitely going to need all the help they can get.

None of the top three teams are playing a ranked opponent this weekend. Only Texas is playing a FBS school without a sub-.500 record in Kansas (5-5). Alabama takes the weekend off with FCS Chattanooga and Florida welcomes 3-7 Florida International to the Swamp.

Doesn’t look too good for a major upset, huh?

How about traditional rivalries? They always seem to hold a good chance of a big upset.

Ohio State-Michigan is this weekend, but from the looks of things, people aren’t paying much attention or looking for an upset.

Usually the long standing rivalry creates more of a buzz in the college football world, but this weekend, with Michigan needing a win just to get bowl eligible and Ohio State already locked into the Rose Bowl, it just doesn’t hold a lot of importance, and the upset potential is quite low.

No. 4 TCU might be the best chance for a top-four upset this weekend, but their trip to Wyoming for a conference matchup against a 5-5 team still doesn’t look too promising.

TCU and Texas have combined to go 20-0 this year, a revelation for Texas football, but with all the winning going on by the top teams, it's unlikely that the BCS National title game will feature a Texas football dream—an all-Texas BCS National Title game—as TCU is likely to be left out if the favorites keep winning.

If the Horned Frogs have any hope at all, they’re going to have to start wishing for losses, and soon. Like starting tomorrow.

Overall, there are a few important matchups that you can find in the schedule this weekend that have some sort of BCS or bowl implications, but with no good chance of a huge upset anywhere on the scoreboard, it looks like just another ordinary weekend of college football in this kind of ordinary college football season.

But we can always hope, right?

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