"Psycho" Sid Vicious Headed To TNA Wrestling

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 19, 2009

It is being reported from Psycho Sid Promotions today that he will be heading to TNA Wrestling. He has been making his way around the Indy scene for a little while now, and was actually rumored to be going to the WWE about a year ago.

However, when asked if he could "get clean" to work for the WWE by officials, Sid said no. Sid has been on the juice and has admitted to such. TNA has interest in any old wrestling name, so it's obvious that they would take him. And they could care less if he is on anything as they don't have a Wellness Policy similar to the WWE.

Here is the announcement from Psycho Sid Promotions, an entity affiliated with Sid:

"The Return of the Master and Ruler of the World "Psycho" Sid Vicious is coming to TNA Wrestling! Spike TV Thursday Nights! We warned WWE that this would Happen. Never say Never! Stay Tuned—Psycho Sid Promotions"

Many are speculating that he is not coming in long term, but only for Jay Lethal's open challenge to any Wrestling Legend.

Others are saying that he would debut doing that, but would stick around and wrestle more with the company.

Also, they warned the WWE that this would happen?

Should the WWE really be hurt by this? I mean Sid was ok back in the day, but now he is pretty washed up. The dude can barely go in the ring now from what I have seen, and it is not a wonder he has not been put in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE didn't really need him when he was there, neither did WCW when he was there. And they don't need him today.

I have to admit I was never the biggest fan of the guy, so this is seen through the eyes of a guy who could care less about Sid.

The guy is a washed up has been who would like to think he can still go in the ring with the likes of Styles, Daniels, and others. However, the people who are actually watching him know full well this is not fact, and that he is just as good as I am in the ring.

And I am not good in the ring, as I am not even a wrestler. I know I know, you are all surprised by this turn of events.

This is not massive news that will change the wrestling world as we know it. Its as big as seeing Kenny Omega jump ship. Which is not a huge story unless you are a big ROH fan. He is not leaving to let you know, it was just an example.

I feel that TNA and Sid are the only ones really excited to see him come in. It will not help ratings.

Lets hope this is not what the Hogan signing did for the promotion. More and more washed up has beens? Can't say TNA is really taking off guys. It's a shame too, as they have a lot of talent there that gets over looked so much.