Out of Bounds: There's Two Sides to Every Coin on Planet Ill

Rahsaan HuntContributor INovember 19, 2009

Head coaching in sports is just as strenuous as being a player. As a head coach, on any team, in any sport, your every move is under the microscope.  Whether it’s in the amateur or pro level, head coaching is the double headed coin no one wants.

When the team wins, the head coach is portrayed as the smartest man in the world. When they lose, the head coach looks like the world’s biggest dumb a**. Although it’s the players on the team who execute the plays during the game, it’s the head coach’s job to be prepared for their opponent and to make sure the right game plan is in place for the match-up. Sometimes, it’s a game of averages. Other times, it’s a game of pure luck. Whatever the outcome is, it all falls on the coach no matter what the situation is for that team.

We’re at the point in the sports’ year, especially in the NFL, where front offices of teams begin to look at ways to make their team better. With college football winding down, scouts are out and about looking at soon to be NFL Draft prospects from the college ranks. Not only are the scouts looking at ways to improve their teams, but so are the GMs and owners. Their job is to make sure that not only are the right players  in place for a winning franchise, but so are the right coaches. Like coaches, their jobs also consist of the aforementioned “double headed coin”.

This week, we’ve seen the “double headed coin” effect two coaches. One coach was fired for making bad decisions, while another coach’s decision would have gotten any other coach fired.

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