Tobias Harris' Decision: Where's He Gonna Go?

Caleb M.Analyst INovember 19, 2009

Tobias Harris. Anyone who actually follows college basketball knows the name. He's quite possibly the most sought after recruit in the nation. 

Schools like Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Syracuse, Tennessee, and others have all been in the running, and Harris has expressed interest in all of them.

But today is decision time, and he's announcing his school of choice on ESPNU tonight.

There's more than a couple reasons why Harris is so sought after. He's versatile, his work ethic is amazing, and he can play multiple positions although listed as a power forward. Not to mention his 29 points a game...

Harris has been a top prospect since his sophomore year, and he has definitely lived up to expectation. He has great shooting ability, his rebounding is phenomenal, and he can play multiple positions at 6'8" and only 210 pounds.

Coaches call his competitiveness electrifying, and his work ethic above and beyond. So where will he go? The top three schools, or so it seems, is Syracuse, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. 

There's speculation that Tennessee's the winner. Jayvaughn Pinkston, a 6'6" forward from Brooklyn, planned to announce his commit to the Vols when his press conference was cancelled at the last minute. We can only assume it's because they got Harris and retracted Pinkston's scholarship offer.

Georgia Tech was his last visit, and that was last Monday. But instead of coming straight home, he decided to drive north and watch the Tennessee game in Knoxville. A sign? Perhaps. 

Harris will have a major impact on whatever team he goes to. 

Tennessee is most likely his choice. Stars Tyler Smith and Wayne Chism will be gone at forward. That leaves benchwarmers Emmanuel Negedu and Steven Pearl, as well as praised freshman Kenny Hall.

Next year the SEC could be tougher than ever. Vanderbilt is on the rise, as well as South Carolina and Mississippi State. And Kentucky cracked the top five this year. The addition of Tobias Harris will keep Tennessee at the top as well.

Georgia Tech is a solid top 15 team. But as far as forwards go, they have three top freshman, a stud senior (Zachery Peacock), and then a stud junior in Gani Lawal. 

Both Peacock and Lawal will most likely be gone next year. That leaves three freshman. If Harris comes aboard, the Jackets will continue to fly high in the polls, and would fill a major hole for Georgia Tech next year, possibly putting them on top of the ACC.

Syracuse would really benefit from the addition of a stud forward. Rick Jackson is a returning starter and a junior who could more than likely be gone next year. As well as Arinze Onuaku who is a returning starter, and a senior. 

That leaves Wesley Johnson who just transferred from Iowa State, average player Kris Josepth, and impact freshman James Southerland.

Next year it could very well be just Kris and James. But if they added Harris, that'd give Syracuse a huge boost, lifting them near the top of the Big East. 

Watch ESPN tonight to keep up with the latest in college basketball recruiting, and to find out Tobias Harris' decision.