Is Another "Extreme Makeover" Coming to Buffalo To Fix the Bills?

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Is Another
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After a local Buffalo home and surrounding area were fixed up with the coming of the ABC hit Extreme Makeover, Home Edition most Buffalonians thought that the drastic makeover was over for the time being.

That may not be the case, as it looks like another extreme makeover might be coming to town, and it involves the local football team.

Instead of Ty Pennington and his group of volunteers, Ralph Wilson Jr. looks to be overhauling the operation.

Wilson talked to the Associated Press today in his first interview since head coach Dick Jauron was let go. In the short interview, Wilson made several strong statements, leading fans to believe that enough is enough, and that there will be some big changes this offseason.

“I tell you, we have a lot of work to do,” Wilson said. “We’ve got to revamp and take a look at the whole operation and that’s what we’re going to do.”

It isn't going to be an easy process turning this team around, but Wilson sounds willing to try.

But what exactly is going to happen?

Over the past decade, Wilson hasn't been one to spend a great deal of money. The only way he could pull this off is to have a strategy in terms of bankrolling the entire make-over.

"It's not about money, it's about winning," Wilson said. "If it was about money, we wouldn't have brought in and paid for somebody we know was a great player."

Wilson was referring to the signing of Terrell Owens, the Bills' big signing of the offseason.

It might not have worked out like he imagined, but just the fact that Wilson made the move to bring in an NFL star with a big contract shows that he is willing to throw around some cash to improve the team.

Yesterday, most Bills fans were excited (or at least intrigued) to hear that the Bills were talking to a proven coach.

The ones who weren't calling for the Bills to throw everything they had at the possibility of landing a big time coach (like me, for example) looked for reasons why the Bills wouldn't go after one.

One big reason was money, but it seems that Wilson may have changed his ways.

"Anybody that says I'm cheap is looking down the wrong side of the street," Wilson also said.

It looks like Wilson had a change of heart about his football team, and it has Bills followers excited about what is to come.

Now I don't really care (and neither should anyone else) what the reason was for the change on Wilson's part—whether it was to make more money, to help fix his tarnishing legacy, or just because he was finally sick of losing, too.

It doesn't really matter to anyone in Buffalo if it means the Bills are winning football games again.

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