Dallas's Season Breakdown Through 9.

Tj EptingContributor INovember 19, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 15: Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys runs for a first down in the 4th quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

By Staff Writer T.J. Epting/www.quinnsportslifemedia.com

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in 1st in the N.F.C. East division through 9 games. They have played well for most of the games thus far but have also had a couple of games they wish could be taken back.

This last week against GreenBay the Cowboys scored 7 points to get their lowest game point total of the season. They had a very hard time on the offense against the "Cheese heads." Although the Cowboys defense kept Greenbay to 17 the offense could not keep up.

Throughout the season as a whole the Cowboys have done a fantastic job. They have 184 total 1st downs which is 10 more than their opponents. The outstanding stat is that they have 3,514 offensive yards which is 539 more total offensive yards than their opponents. The Cowboys through 9 games have 1,170 rushing yards to an oponents 928, and 2,344 passing yards to an opponents 2,047. This shows how well the Dallas offense has done this year as a whole.

A big talk in the Dallas offense is who is the better receiver Miles Austin or Roy Williams? Roy Williams started out the 2009 season as the number 1 receiver, but got questioned if he was worthy shortly after. Going game after game with no production from number 11 Roy Williams, they wandered if anyone would ever step up and fill the role as a number 1 receiver. When the Cowboys played the Chiefs a couple of weeks back they answered that question. Their were only two positive thoughts about that game. 1, they won the game. 2, Miles Austin had 25 yards plus receiving yards with T.D.'s. The question is though who is better? Who should be the number 1 in Dallas? Miles Austin currently has 31 receptions with 632 yards, and 7 touchdowns through 9 games. Roy Williams on the other hand has only 24 receptions with 429 yards and 3 touchdowns. The numbers clearly present Austin as the better receiver. Ans its not that Williams does'nt get a chance. Against GreenBay he had several chances and blew most of them., he fumbled the ball to the other team 1nce and dropped several passes. Miles Austin deserves the number 1 receiving spot in Dallas as of right now.

The running game is also a big part of the Jason Garrett offense. Marion Barber is definatley the most used with 103 attempts and 473 yards and 4 T.D.'s. He averages 4.6 yards a rush. Tashard Choice has the 2nd most with 54 attempts 262 yards and 3 T.D.'s. He averages 4.9 yards a handoff. A man that would put this team from good to great is Felix Jones if he would not get injured. Thus far he has 44 rushing attempts with 304 yards and 1 T.D. He averages an outstanding 6.9 yards a rush. If he were to stay healthy, it would truly help out the Cowboys. America's team definatley has a legit chance if they execute the offense, and continue to play strong defense.