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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 11:  David Carr #8 of the New York Giants throws a pass against the Oakland Raiders on October 11, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

I've been hearing whispers in the wind about the benching of JaMarcus Russell so, I turn on the computer and WHAT DO I FIND? I'll tell you what I find! I find an article about what a GOOD?!? quarterback JaMarcus is!???@!

Now before I completely lose my mind I want to explain something to you; I've always read up on the Raiders but NEVER thought about writing anything UNTIL... I kept reading article after article and comment after comment about how good JaMarcus Russell is. I got so sick of this (insert word) that I sent a letter to Max Tcheyan (what's good Max?) of the Bleacher Report asking him to PLEASE!! let me write some articles because the people who are writing the articles I'm reading are either blind or crazy - and I'm neither.

Now back to me losing my mind!! - YOU WANT A QUARTERBACK?!? - Here's my name for you ...... David Carr. I know, I know but... bear with me for a minute Nation;This season is a wrap! (it's over!)..... we all know it (even if we don't want to admit it to ourselves or one another). So, I'm talking about what our next move should be. I happen to live in New York so I know what's going on with the giants - ( capital G for you) and I KNOW that David Carr is ready to start RIGHT NOW.

David is everything JaMarcus is and EVERYTHING JaMarcus isn't. JaMarcus Russell is no leader. Now, before I go bashing JR. upside the head let me share this with you; I would love for him to lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl. I'd love for him to be the second coming of DOUG WILLIAMS! As far as I'm concerned it's been way too long since another black quarterback lead his team to the pinnacle. Which bring me full circle; JaMarcus Russell is no leader. Be honest with me Raider Nation, you can't look yourself in the face and say that at THIS point and time you can picture JR holding the Holy Grail. Forget that- can you see him leading the team to a Conference Championship? How about a Division Title? no? What about a playoff game (on the road) - can you see him WINNING A PLAYOFF GAME ON THE ROAD??? I know you can't see it. I'm not saying that someday he won't but that day ain't today and it ain't tomorrow.

JaMarcus was doomed to this fate the moment he decided to hold out. He should have got his (insert word) into camp and took his lumps; Speaking of taking lumps, let's get back to David Carr for a moment who, like JR was a highly drafted quarterback, BUT unlike JaMarcus who is killing his team, David was killed by his team. We all remember the sacks, the hurries, the pressures, ect. ect. - We also remember HE TOOK IT.  Ask yourself Raider Nation can you see JR going through what D. Carr did before he got to the giants? I think not.

Now You may think I'm crazy with all this David Carr talk but... look back into your Raider history and, stop when you get to JIM PLUNKETT; Who, if memory serves was another teams highly drafted, talented, but shell shocked quarterback that the Raiders were able to acquire and, with him at the helm we went all the way to the chip!!

 Now I CAN see David Carr leading the Raiders to a road playoff win, a division title, a conference championship and yes THE HOLY GRAIL itself! Think about it for a second (or two). Just like JaMarcus David can make ALL the throws! However unlike JaMarcus, David Carr is ACCURATE with his throws!! JaMarcus Russell has NO POCKET PRESENCE!! Come on people you've had to see it! When JaMarcus drops back in the pocket he seems to be totally oblivious to what is going on around him!! (If his blind side was measured by degrees we would have to say the number is 360) How many times have YOU yelled at the television "THROW THE BALL!!", or "GET OUT OF THERE!!" (how many times?) Only to see him fumble or get sacked (and then fumble) get up look around with that goofy "whaa happenn" look on his face?.... How many times? Well nation let me assure you THIS IS NOT DAVID CARR.

As I said I (for better or for worse) live in New York so I've seen (at length) what some of us only got a glimpse of. You know what I'm talking about; The N.F.L. jerking the Raiders around (more on this topic to come in future letters) and having them play an East Coast 1:00 game against the giants. I'm not going into too much detail because I want to be able to sleep tonight.

Needless to say, during the game we all saw how David Carr is capable of performing. Here we have a young, HUNGRY (and not for food) quarterback who is ready for a chance to LEAD A TEAM. He's been in a good spot for him to catch his breath (sorta like Jim was with us). However, we all know (David too) that he isn't going to start in New York. We all know (David too) that he WANTS to be a starting quarterback in this league and I personally believe he has EVERYTHING need to be a champion; He has HEART, can we really say that about JaMarcus? They both may have strong arms and can make all the throws but, we all got a taste of the accuracy David has; If you have any questions?? then YOU go back and look at the precision of his passing during that Raider game. Moreover, David Carr has the ability to run an NFL offense. Ask yourself a couple of questions: a) Who do you think can read a defense better b) Who would you rather have calling an audible at a crucial moment in a game?..... I know my answer.

David Carr is a guy the players on the offense could rally around. Look at the way the Patriots love and support Tom Brady (not to mention the N.F.L. but...I digress) or the way the Colts look after Payton Manning. Think about how the Vikes has taken to Brett Farve or if these names are too high profile for you how about the way the Saints and Drew work well together or what about Phill in San Diego? The list goes on and on but the fact remains the same IF you have a quarterback the TEAM can believe in THEY PLAY BETTER!! I just can't see how anybody on the team (or who follows the team) can BELIEVE in JR at this point. I like to say RAIDER FANS DON'T NEED STATS - (and we don't) but even the stats on Russell, no matter how you spin them are in a word... UGLY!! Now that I think of it there isn't too much to Russell's game that is pretty.

The acquisition of David Carr is exactly what the team needs. JaMarcus is like a baby that was born too soon; He needs more time in the incubator so that he can develop. I know that he has talent but he's just not ready to be an NFL starter let alone LEAD THE RAIDERS- We always must remember that the Raiders are special and it takes a special type of player to be successful on this team; Therefore it takes a very special person to LEAD this team. Having David, who could come right in and start, would give JaMarcus time to develop and in 2 or 3 years (yeah that's right.. I believe it will take at least 2 years of hard physical and mental work for JaMarcus to be ready - remember people the goal is to WIN THE CHIP!! Getting there is not good enough, don't believe me? find someone who played (and lost) in that game against Tampa. With David at the controls we have everything JaMarcus gave us, plus more mobility and minus the "whaa happenn" moments. Moreover, with a good quarterback we could find out if these rookie wide outs have a future, it would open up things for the running game and let's just face it when you've got a quarterback life is GOOD!!

So I say let the back up start, Let the N.F.L. get a look at him (because we're going to trade him anyway). Get JaMarcus off the field and into the class room (so he can LEARN the offense, study defensive tendencies ect. ect.). Let the team focus on the running game (that way we have one less thing to worry about next year). As we all know a quarterback loves a good running game. So If Mike Bush and McFadden can get their roles down, things will look pretty good in my vision. Can you see it my brothers and sisters? DHB with someone to hit him in stride, how great can our tight end really be? Imagine the play fakes when the defense has to respect the run game and the pass game? Well the future is now my friends and the future is David Carr.



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