'Mercenary' Coaches: For Better Or For Worse?

Ryan HealeyCorrespondent INovember 18, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 7: Coach urban Meyer of the Florida Gators watches play against the Vanderbilt Commodores  November 7, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

'Mercenary' coaches or whatever people feel the need to call a coach who will leave a school after two years and then the next school after two years or tell the media you won't coach at Alabama one week and then sign a nice contract with Alabama the next or even bail out on your team before a BCS bowl and head to another one. 

Don't worry Florida, Alabama,Michigan, or any other team that has a coach like them, I'm not here to knock your coaches or teams because I wish the team I sit and watch every Saturday, Boston College, would find someone as good or prestigious as them. Wait they had Jeff Jagodzinski and we all know how that went. 

What I am here to talk about is a coach like this good for a school or no? 

Lets look at three of the more prominent ones in Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Rich Rodriquez. 

I'll start with Meyer and his stats, records, teams, and what not. 

Meyer has gone 93-17 including Florida's current record of 10-0. He has coached at three schools Bowling Green ('01,'02), Utah ('03,'04), and his current school Florida ('05,'06,'07,'08,'09). He also has had seven seasons were his team has won 9 or more games.

He has been to three BCS Bowls and has won them all including two National Championships at Florida. Overall he has been to six bowl games and only has lost one. 

Next is Saban.

He has been a head coach for the following schools and years, Toledo ('90), Michigan State ('95,'96,'97,'98,'99), LSU ('00,'01,'02,'03,'04), and Alabama "('07,'08,'09). Saban has gone 120-50-1 including this years currently undefeated Alabama. He, like Meyer, has also had seven seasons of 9 or more wins. 

Saban also was head coach for the Miami Dolphins in '05 and '06 and went 15-17

He has gone 'bowling' ten times and has lost six of them. He has also been to three BCS games and has won two including a National Championship with LSU. 

Finally Rodriquez. 

Rodriquez has been the head coach at the following schools, Salem ('88), GlenvilleState ('90,'91,'92,'93,'94,'95,'96), West Virginia ('01,'02,'03,'04,'05,'06,'07), and currently Michigan ('08,'09). He has compiled a record of 113-77-2 including Michigan's current 5-6 record. Also he has had five seasons of 9 or more wins. 

He has been to five bowl games and has won two of them. One of them was a BCS bowl while he was head coach at West Virginia. (Note West Virginia went to another BCS bowl but Rodriquez left for Michigan before the game). 

All of these coaches have a good resume coaching wise and have done pretty well at their previous schools and current ones except Rodriquez who has been some what of a dud so far. That does not mean Rodriquez will continue to stumble at Michigan, who knows he might have the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl next year. 

Also each coach comes with a hefty price salary wise. Meyers contract is around 4 million, Sabans is around 3.9 million, and Rodriquezs is around 2.5 million. But with their records and 'prestige' so to speak it's a sound investment. 

Athletic Directors, at least some of them, would love to get their hands on a coach like one of these because it will possibly bring in more money, more championships, and more fans. 

But in reality, for fans at least, they don't want to see a coach come and go and coach for a schools rival or even a school in the same conference once their done at their school. 

In my personal opinion I don't think coaches like this are bad at all because in most cases they pan out to be just fine and most people want to see their team win and win a National Championship in their lifetime. 


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