RotoHog Fantasy Baseball: June 12 Update.

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 12, 2008

After an outstanding Wednesday night of Fantasy baseball I was certainly due for a letdown correct?  Automatically one had to assume my points would be lower today simply for the fact that I was only starting 1 SP rather than two as I did the night before.  I did make a few roster changes today which, after reviewing, I wish I wouldn’t have made!  Let’s take a look at how we did.

C: Ryan Doumit (PIT):  Ryan came into the game today 7-8 in the series against the Nationals.  If you play the law of averages you may have benched him today assuming that he couldn’t stay this hot for long.  Fortunately, I don’t play averages, I play hot bats!  Doumit homered AGAIN today while going 2-3 with three more RBI.  Another solid 25 point performance from a position that you just hope you do not lose points from!  This guy is flat out killing the ball right now and I plan on sticking with him until he starts to come back down to Earth.

1B: Lance Berkman (HOU):  Ok, for $50 you expect a little more out of a player in this game!  Two nights in a row now Mr. Berkman has been very disappointing.  Granted today he was facing Ben Sheets, but seeing that Lance has a .349 career batting average off the guy.  Unfortunately he had a hard time figuring Ben out today while going 0-5 with 2K and a RBI.  I will certainly be selling Mr. Berkman when the trading floor opens in the morning and this time I am not sure I will be buying him back later. 

2B: Mark DeRosa (CHC):  I decided to gamble a little bit today by going with DeRosa.  Tim Hudson has been pretty solid this season for the Braves and admittedly the matchup scared me a little.  That being said, when I scrolled through the list of second basemen I didn’t really see another one in DeRosa’s price range that jumped out at me.  He didn’t have an awful afternoon for the Cubbies going 1-3 with a strikeout and a walk.  The Cubs move on to interleague play tomorrow and will be facing the Toronto Bluejays.  I may stick with Mark for another day or so to see if he can get back to his hot hitting ways.

SS: Michael Young (TEX): You want to know how to end someone’s 23 game hitting streak?  Easy…have me purchase that player and place them in my lineup.  Young was hitting the cover off of the ball when I decided to sell the White Sox’s Orlando Cabrera and give him a chance.  How has he done since I picked him up you ask?  How about 0-8 in the two games he has been in my starting lineup.  Thank you Michael for single handily making me scream at my computer tonight.  You sir are appreciated.  Of course, I will probably bite the bullet and leave him there tomorrow right?  I mean, after a 23 game hitting streak followed by an 0-8 slump, he HAS to start hitting again eventually right?

3B: Ryan Braun (MIL):  Who knew that Ryan Braun was going to do his best Vince Coleman impersonation today?  I, for one, am glad he did!  Ryan turned a mediocre 2-5 game into a nice RotoHog day when he picked up an RBI, a run scored and two stolen bases!  A solid 17 point night out of a guy that didn’t hit one out of the ballpark?  Sign me up for more of those please.  The Brewers stay at home this weekend and welcome in the Minnesota Twins.  With no Johan Santana or Francisco Liriano available to pitch against him I think I will be sticking with Mr. Braun at least through the weekend.

OF: Ryan Ludwick (StL):  These next two guys gave me exactly what I deserved.  Bronson Arroyo (this coming from a Reds dire hard fan) has been nothing short of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this season.    Combine that with a warm night in Great American Ballpark and one might see the opportunity for Ryan Ludwick to have a nice night at the plate.  Well, good Bronson showed up tonight and made Mr. Ludwick look like a fool.  Ryan was swinging from his heels pitch after pitch and the harder he would swing the slower Arroyo would throw it.  It was almost sad to watch (but since I was rooting for the Reds it wasn’t all that bad!).

OF: Rick Ankiel (StL):  See Above.  Everything I just said about Ryan Ludwick can also be said about Rick Ankiel.  The only difference between the two is the fact that Rick is a left-handed hitter and southpaws are only hitting .350 off of Arroyo.  Little did I know that Rick would also come into the game tonight swinging for the fences every time he came to the plate.  Good night to be a Reds fan, bad night to have these two Cardinals in my lineup!

OF: Magglio Ordonez (DET):  And here was my big strategic move of the day.  Matt Holliday had been sitting in this slot since returning from the DL two nights ago and went hitless in his first two games.  After doing a little research I found that Magglio was 15-25 in his career off of White Sox starter Mark Buehrle.  Maggs has been having a very solid year so I decided to sell Holliday and buy/start Ordonez.  Wondering how that worked out for me?  Matt found his hitting stroke tonight going 2-5 with 2 RBI and a run scored.  Ordonez on the other hand went 0-4 with zeroes across the board. 

UTL: Justin Morneau (MIN): Anyone interested in knowing how a guy can go 3-3 during the game and still be boring?  See Justin Morneau’s stat line today!  Don’t get me wrong, the 3-3 was nice and helped me earn 7.50 points from my UTL slot.  Unfortunately the rest of the Twins lineup is so bad he was never able to knock in a run with any of those hits.  All in all I will take the 3-3 and be happy, but c’mon, seriously, not a single RBI or run scored?  What is going on in Minnesota?

SP: Jake Peavy (SD):  If you read my article last night you remember me mentioning the fact that I was going to take a chance and start Jake fresh off of the DL.  If you didn’t read my article last night…why not?  Anyway, Jake went out and gave a workman like effort Thursday by pitching 6 innings of three hit, zero run baseball.  He made the lifeless Dodgers look…well…lifeless.  Jake showed no signs of rust and San Diego fans worldwide (are there SD fans worldwide) rejoiced to see their ace back in action against the hated LA team.  I personally rejoiced seeing Jake throw up 63 RotoHog points for my squad today!

RP: Brad Lidge (PHI):  After looking at the matchups today I decided to sell Bobby Jenks and purchase Brad Lidge.  I was rewarded with 23 points as Brad came in and locked down another save for Philadelphia.  Lidge has been lights-out so far this season and I simply liked his chances of getting a save opportunity tonight against the Marlins more than I did Bobby’s chances against the Tigers.  Finally one of my strategic moves worked out for me!

RP: Salamon Torres (MIL):  Is there anything worse than bringing your closer into a non-closing situation simply to get him some work?  Ok, well you’re right, there probably is but it frustrates the daylights out of me!  Ned Yost decided to bring Torres in for the 9th inning of a 9-5 ballgame because he had not pitched in the last couple of games.  Well Torres did what most closers do in that situation; he got the job done but gave up a run in the process.  Thank you Ned Yost for that -4 points, you are appreciated sir.


This weekend is going to be harder to make moves than normal due to interleague play.  I like to review matchups and look to exploit pitchers that historically have not been good against certain batters/teams.  That will be a little harder to do this weekend due to the fact that there may not be enough solid data to help me make decisions.  This could be a “fly by the seat of the pants” weekend.  Of course, the way my ‘strategic moves’ have been working lately, the “fly by” strategy may be for the best!