ROH Tag Team Stars Jay and Mark Briscoe Headed to the WWE?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 18, 2009

Mark and Jay BriscoeThe Briscoe Brothers. In my opinion, they are one of the best Indy tag teams out there today. They are currently under contract with ROH but wrestle both there and in Pro Wrestling Noah, as well as Full Impact Pro.

ROH gives them the opportunity to wrestle other places, similar to TNA. And of course they take full advantage of it. However, most of their time is spent inside an ROH ring. They are a tremendous team to watch, and it is obvious places like TNA and the WWE have noticed them.

Since ROH arrived on HDNet and the Briscoes finally made their much-anticipated debut together, the WWE has had an interest in getting them on its roster. Which is why last night, before the ECW/SmackDown tapings, they had something called an informal tryout.

Basically this means that the WWE brass will not offer them a contract or anything just yet. They basically wanted to observe the team and decide if they want them or not.

ROH was nice enough to give permission to do the tryout when WWE extended the invitation. They have been known to do that for others, so it is only right in my book.

Also, ROH cares about the futures of its wrestlers, and why burn any bridges? They could probably help you out later on.

The WWE desperately needs help in the tag team department. While Jerishow and The Hart Dynasty, as well as Legacy, are good teams, they are not going to help out a tag division and get up there with the likes of TNA.

It also seems that the WWE wants to use Chris Jericho and Big Show in the singles department more and more. Sure, they wrestle with each other, but they are both in the World Heavyweight Title match at Survivor Series.

They are not really the kind of people you want holding the Undisputed Tag Titles, mainly because, while they are good as the tag champs, they are better in singles.

The Briscoes could really be a boost to the tag division. They are proven champions too, so they could hold the Undisputed Tag Titles proudly.

They are 14-time tag team champions (five with ROH) in their independent careers. And they did well with the titles. On their fourth reign, they became the longest-reigning ROH Tag Team Champions too. In ROH they were money makers as the champs, and the WWE loves money of course.

I didn't see the tryout match, so I don't know how they both did. But, if they are as good as we have seen them be, then it's obvious the WWE will sign the team.

Now, because they are under contract with ROH, they cannot sign with the WWE yet. However, a tryout before a contract is up is not uncommon between ROH and the WWE. In fact, Bryan Danielson had a tryout with the WWE earlier this year while still under his ROH contract, and when it expired, he signed on with the WWE.

This is most likely what will happen with the Briscoes. However, ROH has been known to let talent out of their contracts early to leave for TNA or the WWE. So, the Briscoes could be able to leave ROH and go to the WWE if the WWE offers a deal and ROH feels it doesn't need the Briscoes enough for them to finish out their contracts with the company.

I don't see ROH letting them out of their current deals. Which means we will have to wait for their deals to expire before we can see them on WWE TV. I also am not sure when their contracts end, either, so I can't give you a timetable on when they will be there, sorry to say.

By the way, Becky Bayless, who has worked for both ROH and SHIMMER, also had a tryout at last night's Smackdown/ECW tapings. It would be interesting to see her in the WWE.

What do you think of the Briscoes joining the WWE? Good or bad move for the duo?