Is It Time For Tom Cable To Give Charlie Frye The Nod?

Randy LavelleCorrespondent INovember 18, 2009

While the Raider nation is waiting word from coach Cable on who the starting QB will be against Cincinnati,I decided to write about our third string back up Charlie Frye.

After last Sundays benching for the second time this season,we can agree that JaMarcus is not getting it done.

JaMarcus has shown a little improvement,but little is never enough when you have a chance to be a great QB in the NFL.

Cable was qouted saying:

"The thing about Charlie is he's gym rat," Cable said. "He's always around, he's always studying. He's a lot like a coach. Sunday morning the guy could really tell you every detail probably about everything that's going on with your offensive linemen to his position. Certainly he deserves to be part of this discussion."

He also did not rule out playing Gradkowski,although it is being reported that he has a hamstring issue.

Is this recent issue a cover from Al wanting "his" QB to continue the mess he has started or is it a case of a true injury?

We may never know,but one thing is for sure running around the Raider Nation of comments and blogs,and that is JaMarcus is not getting it done.

Watching last weeks game against KC,I clearly saw a QB who couldn't get the ball in the right place pass after pass and when it was there,It wasn't caught.

Is this a problem caused by JaMarcus arm strength? Probably.

I think since It is not "clicking" with JaMarcus,this benching is a much needed doing so he can re-evaluate his commitment and his mistakes.

It is appaerent in Cable's statement that Frye is and has been committed to being prepared to take over this team by his appaerent work ethic.

If anyone knows what JR is going through,It's Frye.In 2007  after losing the first game against Pittsburgh,Frye was benched the first few minutes into the game in favor of Anderson who took over and had a pro-bowl season.

On September 11, 2007, Frye was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth-round draft pick.He was the third string QB for Seattle.

If anyone knows about giving QB's second chances,It's Al Davis.Does Plunkett come to mind?

For our rookie receivers to grow,the QB has to be able to get it to them.Good ball placement(away from a defender) and not put the receivers in danger(again,good ball placement)and JR is not able to do that.

I think Charlie Frye gives us the better chance out of the three,because he is "hungry" to prove he can be a premier QB in this league.Charlie has more NFL experience that the other two with a team that was mediocre at best(Cleveland).

If I was coach Cable,this would be a no brainer.Frye wants it!


Here are my sources and some game videos on Charlie Frye,Enjoy!