MMA: UFC's New Merchandise Leaves Me Wondering, Why?

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 12, 2008

So Dana White's big announcement wasn't that the UFC had a major TV deal, nor was it that New York voted yes to allowing MMA. Instead it is that we were getting UFC action figures. Yay....

I understand T-shirts widely available at JCPenney, and Bic lighters, because I smoke and I watch the fights at a bar, make perfect sense. But action figures?

Now some will be excited for this and say they will buy them, but action figures are aimed for people from oh say.....5 to 12 and the UFC's main demographic is 18-35.

And as for the first chosen, very few make sense.

Chuck Liddell- Not a surprise, as he is the rock star of the UFC, so this choice makes perfect sense for an action figure.

Brock Lesnar- One UFC fight, and it was a loss in under 2 minutes. Now I know he brings a lot of publicity to the UFC, but I think he should have some more UFC credibility. But on the bright side, I can now have my Brock Lesnar doll fight my Undertaker doll. Oh wait...

Anderson Silva - Sounds like a plan to me, the Middleweight champ is a logical choice. The question is, does he come with in the clinch kneeing action?

Forrest Griffin - I know he is a fan favorite, but wouldn't the Light Heavyweight Champion make a little more since? As long as he comes with a free Mickey's poster I'll buy it.

Antonio Nogueira - Really? I mean I know he is the heavyweight champ and so it makes sense, but what action does he come with? Lay on the ground and way for the submission powers? Maybe you can push a button and his cauliflower ear grows, or a voice box that rambles something in Portuguese.

Missing In Action - GSP, Matt Hughes, Rampage Jackson, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch

Now I know some of these will be announced before the line actually comes out, but still some of the first picks just don't seem logical.