The Golden State Warriors: Step-By-Step Instructions To Becoming Champions

Court ZierkCorrespondent INovember 18, 2009

The Golden State Warriors are in a state of turmoil and dysfunction, and there doesn’t appear to be any hope on the horizon.  This team is in full-scale chaos mode, on a level I have never seen in the NBA.  


The disgruntled Stephen Jackson was just shipped out of town in exchange for Vladmir Radmanovic—who I’m not even convinced knows what a basketball looks like—and Raja Bell, who announced his intent to undergo season ending wrist surgery no sooner than he stepped foot on California soil. 


Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf are both nursing injuries and don’t appear to be close to rejoining the team anytime soon. Kelenna Azubuike and Brandan Wright are both now expected to miss the remainder of the season due to injury.


Monta Ellis is now rumored to be the latest “forget about my way, just give me the highway” star of the day. 


Stephen Jackson was his best friend on the team. Now, with Jackson gone and with the continued demise of the Warriors, I can’t see that situation ending well.


If circumstances get any more dysfunctional in Oakland, you'd think you were watching an episode of Bebe’s Kids.


Well, put all your worries aside Warriors fans because I have a plan that will catapult your team back to respectability and into the upper echelon of the Western Conference.



Step One: Fire Don Nelson. Hire Byron Scott


Don Nelson, despite his rising spot on the all-time winningest coaches list, is not a good leader.


His players have stopped buying into his message, and from all accounts have completely tuned him out. Nellie ball has never been a winning brand of basketball, and its flaws are especially apparent during a modern era where defense is once again emerging as the recipe for championships.


With the Nelson situation having become untenable, ownership should immediately take action and bring in a coach with a proven track record and a reputation for meticulously imposing a digestible style of discipline and regimen.  Enter Byron Scott.


Scott seems to be the perfect fit for this team, and I think his style would instantly garner the respect and most importantly the attention of his players. He could take Stephen Curry under his wing, help him evolve as a player, and mold him in a similar fashion to how he developed Chris Paul.


It is an obvious win for both sides.


The Warriors get the type of coach they desperately need and Byron Scott gets to return to California, a place he has not been shy about stating his desire to return.



Step Two: Trade Monta Ellis


The Monta Ellis situation will soon become a problem. He wants out, and despite his elite talent, the Warriors would be wise to cut ties with him before the situation escalates.


No problem, I have just the solution Warriors fans.


It's actually pretty simple. Monta Ellis for Carlos Boozer straight up.


Utah gets Boozer off of their hands, which opens up the door for Paul Millsap to finally take control of that power forward spot. Ellis gives them a great compliment to Deron Williams, and the explosive scorer they desperately need.


Golden State preemptively grants Ellis his trade demand, and in return gets a pretty darn good power forward to solidify their frontcourt, and also a massive expiring contract to boot.


If the Warriors wanted to establish themselves as players in the 2010 free-agent frenzy, they would potentially have about $24 million coming off of their books.


Great trade. Everyone wins.



Step Three: Hire Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as an Assistant Coach


It’s no secret that Kareem wants to become a head coach in the NBA, and this could be the perfect spring board to get him to that next level.


He would gain some great experience on the sidelines under Byron Scott, who was a teammate of Kareem’s, and he could help the Warrior bigs with their technical soundness in the post.


Having Kareem on board would undoubtedly help Biedrins and Randolph develop their low post games, which is a glaring weakness in both of their skill sets. Learning from a legend could be invaluable to their progression.



Step Four: Draft Big and Throw All Your Chips at Dwyane Wade


Now that this team suddenly has an enormous amount of money to throw at a free agent, all they have to do is convince their man that the Warriors are an up-and-coming team.


Dwayne Wade is exactly the type of player that could put this team over the top. Combine his game changing abilities with some of the Warriors current players, and this team suddenly starts to look really good. They need to do whatever it takes to entice Wade to Oaktown.


A starting lineup of Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade, Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Randolph and Andris Biedrins looks pretty nice.


Throw in Corey Maggette, Anthony Morrow, Ronny Turiaf, and a healthy Brandan Wright coming off the bench and you have yourself a top five Western Conference team.


Oh, and don't forget that the Warriors will most certainly be in line for a top five draft pick. Use that wisely, preferably on a tough and physical big man, and this becomes easily one of the deepest teams in the NBA.


You see, the Golden State Warriors are only one year, and a series of wise personnel decisions away from becoming contenders once again in the West. Get rid of Nellie, bring in Byron Scott, rade Monta Ellis for Boozer, hire Kareem as an assistant, get rid of all expiring contracts, bring in Dwayne Wade, and voila. Instant threat.


Simple right?