Lane Kiffin Has Serious Issues with Judging Character

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent INovember 17, 2009

This is just getting out of hand and fast. Lane Kiffin may be a wonderful recruiter but he apparently is horrible judge of character. Today it was released that yet another Lane Kiffin Tennessee recruit was arrested for a form of theft.

This latest incident is nowhere near as serious as armed robbery, but still it must raise some questions as to Lane and his staff’s evaluation of players. Nyshier Oliver was arrested earlier this month for shoplifting a minor enough offense, but still this is not little kid stuff anymore.

This is D-1 football and these boy's are men (if you are old enough to be drafted sorry but the kid crap is out). They should start acting like it and apparently the Kiffin should set them straight. These men are not just football players they are ambassadors of their team and more importantly their school.

The University of Tennessee also bears the name of its respective state and this continued crime spree in Knoxville is a black eye to all those who reside there. It is one thing to have a losing season but it is whole different level of embarrassment to be known as Convict U.

Tennessee fans before you fire into a hate comment frenzy defending Lane Kiffin take a long look at who these players are. Every single one of them was recruited by Lane Kiffin and is part of his famous or now infamous recruiting class. The one he has so often bragged about.

That first recruiting class he brought in on such short notice that ranked in the top 15 nationally. The one where he took players from rival programs, and rubbed it in all of your enemies faces. How big do you think the roars of laughter are now coming out of Gainesville, Baton Rouge, Athens, Tuscaloosa, and even Nashville?

Lane put this class together consisting of 22 commitments. So far four of them have been arrested for theft, and three for armed robbery. That translates to 18 percent of Lane Kiffin players have been linked to theft in some form or another. That is not a very encouraging trend.

Then there is the argument that Lane can't be with them 24 hours a day to keep them out of trouble. True as that maybe he can set a better example. Is it really a coincidence that his players seem to be having a thuggish attitude? Considering how brash, bold, cocky, and fame seeking their coach is, is it any wonder why some have acted the way they have.

It is too early to pass judgment on Kiffin or Tennessee for hiring him, but trends have a nasty habit of either staying in style or coming back in. It is worth noting that in Kiffin's initial press conference as a coach he called out Florida and said he came to Tennessee to win championships. Well from the looks of things the attitude in locker room is leaning more towards stealing a title rather than wining it.