Larry Munson: What Will We Do Without Him?

Scuba SteveContributor IJune 12, 2008

With college football rapidly approaching, fans are checking days off the calendar, waiting for that first tailgate, first kickoff, and first touchdown.  While we wait, many of us research the recruits we've signed but we tend to forget those we've lost.  Not just players though, coaches, trainers, but even broadcasters. 

As a child, I remember whenever I couldn’t attend a University of Georgia football game, I always listened to it over the radio. Larry Munson has been the radio broadcaster for UGA football games since 1966. I loved the sound of Munson’s voice coming through the radio. With a voice that can, in my opinion, only be described as rubbing slabs of concrete against each other, Munson turned every play into a life or death moment.  Munson could read the U.S. Tax Code and have you hanging on every word. 

 However, as it does to everyone, old age is finally catching up with Munson.  He turned 85 last year and due to extreme arthritis and some bad falls, decided to only call home games for the 2007 season.  Many predicted he would retire after the season was complete and it appears that is what has happened. 

Now, I'm definitely old enough to have been there for the "Run, Lindsay, Run!" or "My God a Freshman!" calls, but I am fortunate to have heard some great calls from Munson.  I remember having the TV muted for the Tennessee game when Georgia snuck Verron Haynes into the end zone for a short little pass over the top to win in the final seconds and Munson going berserk.  "We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their noses!" 

I never cared that Munson could never tell which player had caught the ball or who had made the tackle.  I didn't care that he would call things "whatcha-muh-callits" or "thinga-muh-jiggers."  All I cared was that Munson was right there with us, not an outside observer, but a fan, just like me.   

Munson deserves to be remembered as one of the best radio broadcasters of all time. Not only for his distinguished style, but also for his life long servitude as well as his outreach to the community. His unique calls have been buried in the hearts of college football fans for over a half century.

"Man! Is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight!"