Colt McCoy's IOU: One Heisman Trophy

Carl VandervoortContributor INovember 17, 2009

"Watch this."

"Watch this" is what Vince Young said to Colt McCoy before running out to take the Longhorn's on their game winning drive to beat USC in route to the 2005 National Championship.

Since then Colt McCoy has amassed 12,260 passing yards and 122 touchdowns and if anyone has been doing the watching, then it's Vince Young.

Saturday is Senior Day in Austin, where No. 3 Texas plays Kansas on ABC primetime.  This will be the launching pad for McCoy to press voters for the Heisman IOU he received last year.

Saturday will be McCoy's first opportunity to take sole possession of David Green's NCAA record for most wins by a starting quarterback.  McCoy is 42-7 as a starter and has won 24 of his last 25 games.  Read that again: 24-1 in his last 25 games.  That figure alone epitomizes McCoy's importance to his team, something you'd expect from a Heisman trophy winner.

For McCoy to pull off the Heisman, he has to make a compelling case from here on out.  He will have national audiences on Thanksgiving Day against Texas A&M and again for the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game. No doubt, the opportunity is there. currently has McCoy in second place, and they note (as many do) that breaking the career record can only help his cause.  If last year tells us anything its that a strong finish wins the Heisman trophy, and for McCoy, Ingram, Tebow, and Gerhart that time starts now.

However it will be an uphill battle for McCoy to to top Alabama RB Mark Ingram, who has absolutely torn up prime time opponents.  Tim Tebow isn't much of a factor due to injury and average stats, which is likely due to Dan Mullen and Percy Harvin's departures from Gainesville.  My dark horse is Stanford RB Toby Gerhart who is making his move, but it will be hard for someone as blue collar as Gerhart to win because the West Coast doesn't get the face time the rest of the country gets.

So what does Colt McCoy have to do to win the Heisman Trophy?

Last season he broke the single season completion percentage record by completing 332 of 433 passes.  Sorry Colt, not good enough.

In 2009, he has continued to extend the Texas winning streak (24 of 25 and 14 consecutive) and is about to break the record for most career wins by a starting quarterback. Not to mention, he is the only QB in NCAA history to record four seasons with 10 or more wins as a starter. 

The critics say that the Heisman is not a career trophy, but how many career records have to be broken before it is?


—you might want to hold on to that IOU—it still could be worth something.

Vince Young and the rest of the country will be watching, it's your turn.