Lane Kiffin Exposed as a Liar: Vols Coach Kept Player's Arrest Under Wraps

Larry BurtonSenior Writer INovember 17, 2009

We've all heard the story about the three Tennessee players arrested for their part in an attempted armed robbery. We all heard how Kiffin had just spoken hours before the incident and proclaimed how there had been no such incidents.

We finally heard his explanation and how proud he was that they went "Eleven months and 11 days without an incident."

Our hearts went out to him as we felt this could have happened anywhere and we were willing to give him a pass since nothing else had transpired, as he told us repeatedly.

But today word came out that this was indeed not the first incident.

Freshman defensive back Nyshier Oliver was charged with shoplifting on Nov. 7, just hours before the Vols played Memphis. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel , a police officer spotted Oliver trying to conceal a $110 polo shirt in a Dillards bag.

Oliver's punishment was handled quietly, and he was taken off the dress roster for that game and banned from team activities, according to Tennessee athletic department spokesperson Tiffany Carpenter.

Then, four days after Oliver's run-in with the law, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin went on the SEC coaches teleconference and praised his team for not having any arrests or incidents in 11 months.

Maybe he thought nobody would miss a player who has only played in one game. Maybe he thought the media would just give him a pass, but the simple truth is Lane Kiffin is a liar.

A player being arrested for shoplifting and facing a Nov. 23 court date is an "incident," Mr. Kiffin. Would you rather us think you're simply too stupid to know that, or just a liar?

Now not even the most fervent Volunteer fan will ever have faith in your ability to tell the truth in crunch time. Now they can not even hold their heads up and defend you. You sir, just got caught in a very bad way.

What will the reaction be? I can't wait for this one.