Who Will Lead Notre Dame To Glory In The 21st Century?

william gallagherContributor INovember 17, 2009

   It has been a long 16 years since Notre Dame seriously challenged for a national title in football. Far too long in my opinion! I firmly put the blame on the administration at Notre Dame for this drought! They orchestrated the Holtz coup d`etat after the 96 season. And made Lou leave before his time. I guess some people really can`t handle success and happiness? Thanks Father Malloy and AD Mike Wadsworth!

  Then they hired defensive coordinator Bob Davie as his replacement. After 5 lackluster seasons he was gone. Next they hired a good Ga.Tech coach with a bad resume, right out of central casting named George O`Leary. In less than a week he was gone for playing Pinocchio. And new AD Kevin White went with plan B, Stanford coach Tyrone Willingham. It only took 3 years to figure out he was a mediocre coach, and a fair recruiter, but a good golfer. Then smelling blood in the water. With the availability of Urban "dream job" Meyer looking for a big time coaching job. They quickly jettisoned Ty overboard with a golden parachute. Then came the embarrassment and egg on the face. As Pope Urban smacked them over the head with his crozier on his way to Gainesville! Humiliated and dumbstruck, the powers that be scrambled for their lives. And came up with Charlie Weis. A ring waving offensive genius, who was an ND alumni to boot. He blew into town fresh off another Patriot superbowl victory. And made more promises than Mussolini. And with an ego to match! But as the majority of us can now attest after 5 more years of futility. Charlie has failed and needs to be replaced as the head coach at Notre Dame.

  So now its up to Father Jenkins and AD Jack Swarbrick to right this ship once and for all. Let`s hope they want to return to excellence on and off the field? The next coaching hire is absolutely critical for Notre Dame! We don`t need a home run. We need a grand slam! A proven winner with head coaching experience. And eager to take on the huge task of returning Notre Dame football to prominence and glory! Plus deal with the ND fans and haters. Both of whom in the words of the late Dan Devine are a pain in the ass! Its one tough job to fill. But when you succeed you are canonized a saint in the eyes of college football. So may they find their smart,tough guy with a hunger to excel in South Bend. And lead them to the promised land instead of talking about it! There`s room for more statue`s around the house that Rockne built! Don`t let us down this time gentlemen!