UGA : New Found Respect

Jill HolcombContributor INovember 17, 2009

For as long as I can remember I have been a Florida fan, and as second nature to me I was raised to hate the Georgia bulldogs, and without question for many years I have. Granted I have been in situations that have gave me plenty of reason to hate the "backwoods" and "barking" of the Dawgs, and I can honestly say I did not have the respect nor did I want it from such a team that made me sick to my stomach.


That was all about to change.


In 2005, I found a wonderful man, who just happened to be attending the University of Georgia and loathed the fact that I even had to step foot on that campus, and his family was what I call "typical" Dawg fans, hating everyone that isn't them and even when I began to write sports articles, I could never bring myself to write something positive about the big campus in Athens.


11/14/09-That all changed.  


Here I sat, not only in Athens, but in Sanford Stadium itself among the thousands watching what was undoubtedly one of the best games I have seen all season.  It was grind out, and during the game I witnessed countless acts of stupidness as it is prevalent in college football.  The stupid name calling, food throwing, scuffles, and bantering even though it sucks, that is a big part of college ball. It seemed like Auburn had won this one, what a victory, even danced, but found themselved scraping for the victory all of the sudden.  Then there was that fateful fourth quarter play when Mario Fannin & Bacarri Rambo collided and then I saw something that made my stomach instantly knot up.  A motionless Rambo lying on the field, brought tears to my eyes because I remember several weeks ago, being in this same position, at a game, watching a lifeless Tebow on the ground.  After what seems like was hours (much longer than when Tebow was lying there) I saw something miraculous happen.  Georgia fans began to chant, Rambo!  Rambo! Rambo! Not GA! GA! GA! But Rambo, it was like suddenly the outcome of that game (even though I knew it was MAJOR for GA) was irrelevant and all they cared about was the well being of Bacarri Rambo.  It got louder and louder, so loud I couldn't even hear myself chanting it.

It made my day!


Nobody was bantering about how he got took out, or who was going to win, they wanted him healthy, they wanted him to get up, and when they put him on that hospital gurney and lifted him up to be drove away, he very stereotypically raised his hands in victory, and from sitting where I was it was like something outstanding out of a movie.  The croud went ecstatic. Now, I've been to countless games and see multiple injuries and some have not walked away, but never have I seen a team, and it's fans pull together and root for the player that saved the game!!  He sacrificed himself for the game, and at that moment I knew GA fans were grateful. 


So, there you have it, even though I still don't like Mark Richt, and I cheer for every team that is playing UGA, I have a new found respect for UGA and their fans.  


And of course, that play DID win the game..Giving GA 31-24, securing their spot in a bowl game.