The Key To a Denver Victory Against San Diego

Anthony Allen Contributor INovember 17, 2009

SAN DIEGO - OCTOBER 19:  Eric Weddle #32 of the San Diego Chargers takes down Tony Scheffler #88 of the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium on October 19, 2009 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)
Jacob de Golish/Getty Images

Okay......... Currently the vibe amongst some broncos fans is the glass must be broken due to panic of a three game losing skid. Being a fan and also being a DIE HARD I notice the finicky ways of some bronco fans and it DISGUSTS me! As my point comes into focus maybe those same "fans" will revive their withering faith and once again the badwagon will be filled with people as fair weather as the Colorado forecasts itself.


Oct. 19 2009 6:15pm one of the leagues most questioned and surprising teams, rolled into the archrival San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium with a swagger that nearly started a fight. Three hours, thirty four points, five sacks and two kick returns for TD's later the "suprising" Denver Broncos emerged 6-0. Since that date the Denver Broncos have hit a few bumps and found themselves on the other side of the winning fence. After the bye week the Denver Broncos ran into a buzz saw otherwise known as the desperate Baltimore Ravens who much like Denver were desperate after losing guess how many games ladies and gents???? Three. From an analytical stand point I figure Denver would NOT win that game since they've never won IN Baltimore and Baltimore was starving for a win. Odd comparison right??? Maybe the Broncos took note of the way Baltimore handled that situation and may take matters into their own hands. Afterall it is a "copy cat league". Intruiged? Trust me it may get even more interesting, keep reading.....


Three games and a bye later the Denver Broncos themselves are in the EXACT same position Baltimore was. If anything the stakes are higher and injury has struck a team that once showed dominance that stunned even the most witty of analysts. As I analyze the keys to a great divisional matchup I notice a fascinating ace in the hole. The birth name of this wild card is, Tony Scheffler. Tony Scheffler has made some of the most amazing catches and has some of the best statistics of his career against the mightily mediocre Charger defense. Infact, in the week six matchup Scheffler had 6 receptions for 101 yards and 1 TD. He may have scored again had Eric Weddle not defended his pride by hustling downfield to make a touchdown saving tackle on a 52 yard reception. If you watched the game the Touchdown reception was self explanitory if not click this link Still not convinced??? I figured that so I took the liberty of conjuring up more fact to my seemingly odd point.

In the 2008 Chargers game at Invesco field otherwise known as "The Fumble", Scheffler seemed to make play after play and also scored on a relatively short 14 yard Touchdown but the catch itself was eye opening. It was also the first score of that game. In the game at San Diego in 2007, he made a catch most people still can't beleive. Jay Cutler threw what seemed like a low, desperate and ill-advised throw right into a Chargers Defender's waiting arms, enter Tony Scheffler. Seeing the pass in danger of becoming a turnover Scheffler reached a hand between the  defender's ( from behind him) popped the ball into the air, over his head, out of his hands and into his own for the score. He also scored again on in that same game when he got behind seemingly everyone on the defense. Here's another link to show you his highlights there's one against the Chargers at 0:18 seconds, and the amazing one I mentioned about two sentences ago is  at 0:26 seconds. Watch that one VERY closely, it may shock you and make you realize how talented a tight end he really is. There is yet another vs. the Chargers at 2:11 in the same "Fumble" game in 2208 that was in double coverage and also made the score 21-3. Check it out if you think it's a joke.

Tony Scheffler has long been a pain in the Bolt but it seems silenced due to the criticism surrounding each game and some of the lopsided scores. Only when you watch film will you realize how much of a matchup nightmare he is especially for the stone cold Chargers. He is much too fast for any safety on Sandiego's roster ask Eric Weddle, to tall and strong for any corner and don't even think about putting a linebacker on this man. The highlights and stats don't lie. San Diego has yet to find a way to contain him and good luck. Too much attention and Marshall may get loose (see his 18 catch performance in week 2 of 2008), double Marshall and Eddie may break on you ( 2 Kick returns for TD and the Touchdown/ Extra Point in 2008) fumble or not, that's no excuse why they had a linebacker and a defensive linemen trying to cover him there's film for that too. To add fuel to an already blazing fire, you would also have Stokley on third down probably against a third or fourth corner which is ALWAYS a mismatch, Gaffney who finds ways to get open, Graham who though isn't the fastest guy on the field is quite the load to bring down and can run punishingly. Moreno is pretty physical himself and Buckhalter can make you miss. All these other weapons can be unleashed against San Diego simply by the presence of Tony Scheffler.

Though he is not the heart and soul of the offense by any stretch, for some reason as soon as Tony makes plays against San Diego, they search for an adjustment to stop him and when they do the rest of the team is free'd up to make plays. Why? I have no clue, could be San Diego's personnel or style of play but either way he is a problem. A problem San Diego MUST address if they have a prayer of winning sunday against a pretty ticked off Denver team and a rabid crowd of 76,000+ starving for a win. If they thought losing infront of their own crowd was hard, try losing a second time and getting swept in the division by a team on a three game losing skid and a second string, surgically repaired QB, infront of again 76,000 of the 12th man foaming at the mouth noisey, intoxicated and hates your guts. Sounds like a good place to make friends right? The division crown may be on the line sunday for the chargers, and Chris Simms may have a new BFF after sunday.With his rare combo of speed, hands and size he may bail Mr. Simms out of some pretty tight jams, in both the redzone and on third downs. He may do nothing at all but the rest of the team may benefit from the attention he gets. Either way his presence could be game changing. Especially if Denver can run the ball against a porous San Diego run defense.Play action will open up the seems and suck in linebackers and safeties. Get ready for a physical game sunday Nov. 22nd. A game needed by both teams. A win that will be fought, scratched,clawed and bled for.  Do you smell what the Scheff is cook'n??????