Takanori Gomi Looks To Make A Splash In The US

Justin FauxCorrespondent INovember 17, 2009

For those of you who haven't followed Mixed Martial Arts outside of the United States, Takaniro Gomi may not be a familiar name. But those of you who have followed promotions such as PRIDE FC, Shooto & Sengoku; would be more than familiar with this former Shooto Middleweight Champion and PRIDE FC Lightweight Champion. Gomi is known by his fans simply as "The Fireball Kid."

Takanori Gomi was once considered to be the top 155-pounder that the world had to offer. He sports a 31-5-0-1NC and is known to have a devastating power in his hands; with victories over the likes of Jens Pulver, Hayato Sakurai, Tatsuya Kawajiri & Mitsuhiro Ishida just to name a few. It’s now though that he seeks greater fame and fortune; and is keen to make the transition to the United States Mixed Martial Arts scene.

Gomi recently discussed his plans in his blog to have a meeting with UFC President Dana White; regarding him being thrown into the mix of the UFC’s already-stacked Lightweight Division. Gomi stated he wants to make his octagon debut to win the belt "that belongs to me,” –that being the crown currently held by Lightweight Kingpin BJ Penn.

Takanori Gomi & BJ Penn are no strangers; they met once before at the ‘Rumble at the Rock 4’ event in Hawaii. On that night BJ Penn was the better man, submitting Gomi via a Rear Naked Choke. Now Gomi wants that blemish off his impressive record and is looking to re-claim his title as being the Top Ranked Lightweight in the world.

Gomi also stated in his blog that he would likewise also consider Scott Coker’s Strikeforce as a potential place for him to make a splash into the United States; Strikeforce being the Number Two Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world. If they secured the Japanese Lightweight prospect; he would then be able to show his face to millions of viewers on CBS.

For now it seems his eyes are on the big dog of Mixed Martial Arts. Yet if negotiations between Dana White & Takanori Gomi are to fall through, Strikeforce will welcome a calibre fighter like Gomi with open arms to their growing Lightweight Division.