Smackdown: Bound For Greatness Episode 5!

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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JUNE 11:  (L-R) WWE wrestlers CM Punk, Natalya and MVP pose for a photo with Warriors jerseys after a  Warriors NRL  training session at Mt Smart Stadium on June 11, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to another exciting episode of Smackdown: Bound for Greatness! As most of you all know, last week was a bye week for both me and Greg and once again we are currently looking for an ECW writer to join in the loop.  Thanks to those loyal fans who continue to follow our series as it’s kind of hard to continue to keep coming up with fresh ideas for each episode.

As I said before, Greg Bush as always is my partner in crime by being the writer for the Raw series, so check out his profile for the episodes.

Now that all of the advertisements have been put on the map, let the Smackdown begin!

The show opens with a 5 minute recap of Bragging Rights and then the final seconds of the video shows the Undertaker posing with his newly won World Heavyweight Championship Title. The screen then shows the opening video and the pyro explodes as we are welcomed by Todd Grisham and Jim Ross.

J.R.: Hello ladies and gentlemen and once again welcome to huge night of action as Smackdown comes to you all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! I’m good ole J.R. Jim Ross and I’m joined by my colleague, Todd Grisham!

Tonight is a night of pure intensity as we have a big time No.1 Contender’s match for the World Heavyweight Championship Title Match at Survivor Series as CM Punk will take on John Morrison, Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio in a four man over the top rope battle royal match!

Todd: That’s right folks and that’s not all, tonight also we will hear from our new World Heavyweight Champion himself, The Undertaker! Also on tonight’s card we will have Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre taking on MVP and Mark Henry!

But coming up first, we will have a big time one on one match as Batista goes head to head with Mike Knox!

(All of a sudden Mr. McMahon’s theme hits and he along with Shane and CM Punk all dressed in suits come down to the ring.)

Vince: CUT MY DAMN MUSIC! This past Sunday at Bragging Rights we were poised to walk out with all of the Championship gold that you could ever imagine. We were poised to have the King Of the Ring Crown in our camp, but certain screw ups and jackasses decided to stick their noses in my business where it doesn’t belong!

The Undertaker was to be eliminated once and for all, but due to the interferences of Matt Hardy, John Morrison, MVP, Mark Henry, and Carlito, we are robbed of our King of the Ring crown and our World Heavyweight Championship belt. We…

Punk: Wait a minute Mr. McMahon; you shouldn’t have to even open your mouth to speak to all of these low-class assholes about anything! They came here to see their beloved deadman, The Undertaker! These ignorant people sit on their fat, lazy asses and look up to people like him for guidance. They all want to raise their kids to be just like him, but they don’t realize that perfection is standing in this ring at the moment!

They don’t realize that we don’t need to get drunk to deal with the hard times in life, that we don’t need to smoke our way to relaxation, that we don’t need to chew tobacco to make us tick! See, what makes us three perfect, is the fact that each and every night, we always destroy their heroes whenever they step out of line.

What makes us perfect is the fact that we will regain that World Heavyweight Title by the end of the night! This brings me to my next topic… Shane, since you are over Smackdown and you too have a certain built up rage against the Undertaker for placing his hands on you this past Sunday, I’m putting my rematch clause in effect as we speak!

That’s right tonight instead of me participating in a four man over the top rope battle royal; I want to compete against the Undertaker in a one on one CAGE MATCH! That way we will have no interferences from unwanted parties! As a matter of fact, I want this cage match turned into a Corporate Lumberjack Cage Match!

To all of those fans that are medically lame, that simply means this, in that cage, it will only be me and the deadman and on the outside of the cage, it’s going to be surrounded by my Corporation! Thank you for your damned attention!

Shane: And that match is granted… but it will happen next week.

(The crowd begins to boo loudly and chant “YOU SUCK!” Punk slowly approaches Shane and Vince seems to be very irate!)

Wait a minute guys hear me out… having the match next week gives us time to plan and strategize. And since your match will be next week, I’ll have to find a replacement for you in that four man over top rope battle royal in the main event… hmm… who should it be?

 I got it! If Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre win their tag match tonight, then Dolph will be put in the match, but if they lose, which I’m confident that they won’t, Matt Hardy will be placed in the match! That way it’s completely fair. But no matter who wins that main event, CM Punk will still leave Sheffield, England as World Heavyweight Champion and The Undertaker will be non-existent!

(All of a sudden a huge amount of pyro goes off and out comes Chris Jericho in his suit and a look of distaste on his face.)

Jericho: At Bragging Rights I had JTG in palm of my hand and was about to crush his pathetic life until I was screwed by that big, sluggish, sloth the Big Show! Then Shelton Benjamin wins the King Of the Ring Tournament… I was forced to crown him or lose my job! I was humiliated, disrespected, disgraced, and embarrassed in the worst way imaginable!

And the only thing that you three can talk about is the Undertaker and the World Heavyweight Championship Title? What the hell is your problem? I am the best in the world at what I do and you come out here trying to preach to all of these hypocrites about your lifestyle of Straight Edge Perfection? Ha-ha, and what’s even more ridiculous is the fact that you guarantee that you will leave Sheffield, England as World Heavyweight Champion.

What makes you think that I won’t cash in my No.1 Contender’s Match next week after your grueling match against the Undertaker if you do win? What makes you think that he will even let you live through the entire match? You get more delusional by the day Punk, but I guess that just comes from inexperience in the business, huh?

Honestly Vin… Mr. McMahon, I really don’t see why you decided to have an inexperienced tattooed freak, lead your Corporation. I mean let’s look at the facts shall we?

 Number 1, The Undertaker’s mind games got to Punk. Number 2, he is the only member of The Corporation who had a title match and walked out, no crawled out empty handed. Number 3, ever since you two aligned yourself with him, all you guys got in return is beat down after beat down by the Undertaker week in and week out. And last, but certainly not least, he is one of the biggest hypocritical jerks that I have ever seen in my life!

(Both men get into each other’s faces and Jericho slowly backs away.)

Do you even know why I and the Undertaker have never crossed paths before? The reason is very simple, but I will put it in laymen’s for all of you peasants known as the WWE Universe. He fears me! Taker has lost to you twice and kept coming back for more. But I was World Champion five times in my illustrious career and not once has the deadman decided to step up to me man to man, face to face and challenge me for my titles.

I’ve never fought the Undertaker before in my career, but I already know that I’m in his head. He knows it, all three of you know it, and the entire WWE Universe know that I am the Greatest World Champion in the history of this business and come either next week or Survivor Series, I will begin my sixth reign as World Heavyweight Champion!

Like it or not, Chris Jericho personifies PERFECTION!

(Jericho’s theme hits as he leaves the ring smiling and backs his way up the ramp looking at Punk and the McMahons. The McMahons are holding Punk away from the ropes a he is yelling something at Jericho. We cut to commercial.)

We return with Mike Knox already in the ring.

(All of a sudden Batista’s theme hits and he comes out to a standing ovation!)

Exhibition Match

One on One Singles Match

Batista vs Mike Knox

Both men meet in the center of the ring face to face. They decide to have a test of strength and Batista looks to be getting ready to get the best of Knox, but Knox deliver a quick kick to the sternum of Batista. Knox begins to deliver some right hands to the head of Batista until he ends up in a corner. Knox rams his shoulder into the sternum of the Animal multiple times until the ref breaks it up.

Batista falls out of the corner. Knox bounces off of the ropes and delivers a huge knee drop to the back of Batista. Knox rolls him over and goes for a quick cover, 1..2.. Batista kicks out. Knox locks in a headlock. The ref slowly begins to check Batista, 1..2.. Batista slowly begins to get up to his feet, but Knox still has the headlock locked in.

Batista finally gets to both feet with Knox on his back! Batista jumps backwards and lands directly on top of Knox! Both men are down and the ref begins to count the downed men, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Batista is first to his feet then Knox. Batista delivers a huge right handed shot rocking the big man, but Knox is still on his feet!

Batista bounces off of the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Knox stays on his feet! Batista bounces off of the ropes again a goes for a second clothesline, but Knox ducks the shot and delivers a clothesline of his own nearly knocking Batista’s head off of his shoulders! He goes for the cover, 1..2.. Batista kicks out again.

Knox bounces off of the ropes and delivers huge leg drop across the chest of Batista, 1..2.. Batista kicks out again. Knox looks annoyed, but he slowly makes it up to his feet. He bounces off of the ropes and delivers a huge elbow drop. He stands up and delivers two more. Knox then gets up and jumps up into the air and drops a knee right into the chin of Batista, he goes for the cover, 1..2..

Batista’s boot is on the bottom rope and Knox locks in a headlock again as we cut to commercial.

We return with both men on the outside of the ring brawling and Knox tries to irish whip Batista, but Batista reverses it and throws him into the steel steps! Batista holding his sternum slowly walks over to Knox and stomps his back a few times. He then gets him up and rolls him into the ring. Batista slides in afterwards and crawls on top of him for the cover, 1..2..

Knox kicks out! Batista looks as if he couldn’t believe it. He gets up and looks at the crowd. He goes over and begins to shake the top rope viciously as the crowd quickly ignites! Knox on his way to his feet gets caught by Batista and sets up for the Batista Bomb, but Knox hits a huge back body drop. Batista goes down hard.

Knox goes into a corner and is begging for Batista to get up to his feet. Batista slowly gets up and Knox rushes forward and goes for a bicycle kick, but Batista dodges the kick, and goes for a spinebuster, but Knox clubs the back of Batista and bounces off of the ropes, but out of nowhere Batista hits and explosive Spear! He covers the burley Knox, 1-2-3! It’s over and The Animal reigns supreme over Knox as the camera cuts to backstage.

(Natalya is walking with her title in a suit until McCool stops her.)

McCool: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the sell out herself, Natalya. How’s it been holding my title these past few weeks? I would imagine that it feels good, great, fantastic! You know for a fact that you screwed me Sunday and I want my rematch right here tonight!

Natalya: Ha-ha. Honey, if you want a shot at this golden beauty then you have to earn it like everyone else. I’ll tell you what slut… how about next week I host a four diva submission only elimination match between you, Maria, Layla, and Melina. Whoever wins the match will be my next opponent for Survivor Series. Oh yeah, and buy the way…

(Natalya slaps the hell out of McCool.)

The next time you call me out of my name or you decide to make a name for yourself, I will personally take you to the dungeon and show you what real women are made of baby! Now I have some personal business I need to take care of, but don’t worry, you’re not invited it’s a Champions Only affair. Ha-ha!

(Natalya walks off laughing as McCool gets to her feet holding her face looking extremely pissed as we cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall. On the way to the ring, hailing from the Caribbean, Carlito!

(Out comes Carlito in a new black shirt, but in his old short trunks attire equipped with an apple.)

And his opponent, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions accompanied by WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd and WWE Women’s Champion Natalya, representing the Corporation  DH Smith!

Grudge Match

One on One Singles Match

Carlito vs DH Smith w/ Tyson Kidd and Natalya

The bell rings, but Smith is just posing for the crowd with his title and out of nowhere, Carlito comes up from behind him and hits a big time Back Cracker! He goes for the cover, 1-2-3! It’s over and Carlito has shocked the WWE Universe! Kidd and Natalya both get into the ring and Carlito makes his way up the ramp with a huge smile on his face. Smith looks entirely confused as does the rest of the Corporate Dynasty.

(The camera then cuts to Eve backstage.)

Eve: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Mr. 619 himself, Rey Mysterio!

(Rey walks up and hugs Eve.)

Well Rey, the locker room has been buzzing about your amazing match this past Sunday against all the other WWE Superstars and Shelton Benjamin. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out too well against the Golden Standard, but your performance was Phenomenal.

 The whole WWE Universe would like to know if that single heart-breaking loss at Bragging Rights will cause a certain distraction for you in tonight’s main event where you will take on Jericho, Morrison, Matt Hardy/ or Dolph Ziggler in a four man over the top rope battle royal for right to face either The Undertaker or CM Punk at Survivor Series?

Mysterio: Well Eve, you are correct in saying that I did lose at Bragging Rights when I fell short of an accomplishment that has eluded me for my entire WWE career in being King Of the Ring, but as far as it causing me to be distracted tonight, I highly doubt it.

You see, even though the McMahons aren’t really everyone’s friends, they did see that I  am deserving of something more valuable than the King Of the Ring crown and that’s the right to fight in the main event to find out who the next number 1 contender will be for the World Heavyweight Championship Title at Survivor Series.

Now I do feel that The Undertaker will make it to Survivor Series with his World Title intact, so that means that I’m in for one heck of a fight if I do win tonight. So to all of my amigos and familia out there, I will do my best and try to become the two time World Heavyweight Champion. Te quiero a todos y desearme suerte esta noche!

Eve: Thanks Rey-Rey and good luck tonight.

(The camera then shows a still frame of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre versus MVP and Mark Henry as the commentators hype it up as the match is next.)

We return with Justin Roberts standing in the ring.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen this following contest is a tag team match up scheduled for one fall introducing first representing the Corporation, the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre!

(Both men come out to the ring with smirks on their faces. Ziggler raises his belt in the air to some massive heat from the live audience.)

Introducing next at a combined weight of 651 pounds, please welcome Mark Henry and MVP!

(Both men come out to a standing ovation. Instead of wearing their usual red attire, they now have on all black with dark blue trim.)

Grudge Match

Tag Team Match

The Corporation (Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre) vs Mark Henry and MVP

MVP and McIntyre start things off. Both men lock up with McIntyre getting the best of both men and locking in a headlock. MVP throws McIntyre off of the ropes, but when McIntyre returns, he knocks MVP down to the mat with a shoulder block. McIntyre bounces off of the ropes and jumps over MVP. When McIntyre returns, MVP hits a big time drop kick to the face of the young McIntyre, he goes for a quick cover, 1.. McIntyre quickly gets the shoulder up.

MVP locks in a sleeper hold. The ref goes over to check on the fading McIntyre. McIntyre slowly begins to make it up to his feet, but MVP releases the hold and bounces McIntyre off of the ropes. McIntyre returns and ducks a huge clothesline attempt from MVP,  but when he returns, MVP hits him hard with a jumping knee shot to McIntyre’s face. Out of nowhere, Ziggler clotheslines the back of the head of MVP!

The ref gets involved and sends Ziggler back to his corner and McIntyre slowly begins to crawl to his corner and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler comes in viciously and grabs the right leg of MVP and drags him away from his partner and begins stomping on his leg. Ziggler then gets MVP’s leg and locks in a standing toe hold as MVP screams in agony. MVP is squirming back and forth to try and get free, but Ziggler holds on.

Ziggler then releases the hold and drags MVP to an empty corner and gets out of the ring. Ziggler reaches into the ring and pulls MVP’s leg and wraps it around the steel post. Ziggler then yanks the leg of MVP and smashes it into the post hard. MVP screams as Mark Henry is helpless to try and save his hurt partner. Ziggler then locks in a alternate version of the figure-4 leg lock as the ref begins counting.

1..2..3..4 Ziggler finally releases the hold and MVP rolls back and forth in the ring holding his leg. Ziggler then slowly gets back into the ring. Ziggler then grabs the leg of MVP and drags him into the corner where McIntyre tags himself in and delivers a big time knee drop on the leg that Ziggler holds. MVP screams again and the crowd is chanting for MVP to make the tag.

McIntyre then grabs the head of MVP and gets him up to his knees. MVP quickly revives and begins to attack McIntyre’s sternum, but McIntyre delivers a hard elbow shot to the top of the head of MVP and then he locks in a front face lock. Just as the ref begins to check on the fading MVP, McIntyre delivers one hell of a d-d-t to the head of MVP!

He goes for a cover, 1..2.. MVP kicks out! McIntyre goes for another pin, 1..2.. MVP kicks out again! McIntyre screams something at the ref and slowly gets to his feet. McIntyre then grabs the leg of MVP and delivers two hard elbow drops to the right leg of MVP and locks in a great looking bridge s-t-f. The crowd begins to ignite and get behind MVP! MVP is trying to break free, but the hold is locked in too tight.

MVP looks as if he’s getting ready to tap, but he doesn’t! MVP slowly begins to crawl forward to the ropes and he finally grabs the bottom rope, but McIntyre still has it locks in! The ref begins to yell at McIntyre and then begins his count, 1..2..3.. McIntyre finally let go and he gets up and taunt the live audience as they give him some massive heat!

McIntyre then gets MVP up and throws him hard into an empty corner. McIntyre taunts Mark Henry then he rushes to MVP, but MVP jumps out of the way and McIntyre’s shoulder smacks the steel post! The crowd comes even more pumped as the camera shakes!!! MVP slowly, but surely gets to his corner and finally tags in big Mark Henry!

Henry like a freight train comes in and cleans house as Ziggler comes in and gets sent right over the top rope. McIntyre in a daze walks right into a huge spinning belly to belly suplex from Henry. Henry gets up and pumps up the crowd! As soon as he turns around, Ziggler dropkicks the leg of Henry as he drops down to one knee. Ziggler sees his chance and he bounces off of the ropes only for MVP to pull to top rope down causing Ziggler to go flying!

Henry slowly gets up and picks the lifeless McIntyre up to his feet and delivers a big time World’s Strongest Slam! He covers the young superstar, 1-2-3! It’s done and MVP and Mark Henry wins their Smackdown debut match! MVP limps his way back into the ring as the crowd pops for them.

(The camera shows a still frame of the main event that’s coming up later tonight, but first after the break we will have a special message from the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker! We cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Deadman, The Undertaker!

(The Undertaker’s theme plays and he slowly emerges from the shadows and makes his way to the ring.)

Undertaker: For years and years, men have tried to defy me, men have tried to slay the beast, but I have turned each and every one of them away in defeat! I am the Phenom of the entire WWE and there is no one worthy of being my opponent. However, men after men, after men continue to try and dethrone the Lord of Darkness!

I will not fall. I will not surrender. And I will never perish in my ring! In four weeks time, I will be put face to face with either Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, or Chris Jericho at Survivor Series for my World Heavyweight Championship Title! They can try any time they want for as many times as they want and the result will just continue to be the same.

I will send each and every last one straight to hell for all eternity and I guarantee that they will always remember the Demon of Death Valley! Punk, you sneaked your way into a match with me for next week. You want this belt so bad that you continuously get matches with me only to be buried in your own blood each and every time.

But next week will be different because instead of just a regular match, you somehow had the gall to test my wrath in a cage match. How dare you try and defy my powers over darkness? You coward, you wish to try and eliminate me like you did to my brother, then you’re sadly mistaken. I am the Lord of Darkness and next week Punk, you’ll see why. In that steel asylum, Vince and Shane aren’t the authority… I AM!


(The Undertaker’s theme hits as he does his pose as the camera cuts to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: Now ladies and gentlemen, it is time for tonight’s main event! The following matchup is the Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal Match! The only way to eliminate an opponent is to completely throw your opponent over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor. The last man standing will be the new No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Title at Survivor Series!

Introducing first hailing from Tampa, Florida weighing in at 226 pounds Chris Jericho!

(Pyro goes off and Chris Jericho comes out with a look of satisfaction on his face.)

And the opponent from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 236 pounds Matt Hardy!

(Hardy comes out to a huge ovation from this live crowd.)

And their opponent, all the way from San Diego, California weighing in at 175 pounds Rey Mysterio!

(Rey comes out to a huge pop from the crowd and Jericho quickly gets into his face.)

Now introducing their opponent, he’s hailing from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 223 pounds John Morrison!

(Morrison comes out to the biggest pop out of the four superstars!)

Four Man Battle Royal

Over-the-Top Rope Match

John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

Just as the bell rings, CM Punk’s theme hits and he comes out dressed in a suit. He slowly stares at each man. He circles the outside of the ring and sits at the commentator’s table. Jericho is staring a hole through Punk, who just sits there smiling at him.

Morrison rushes Jericho and begins clubbing the back of his head. Mysterio and Hardy begin trading blow for blow with each other. Mysterio ducks a shot and quickly dropkicks the left knee of Hardy as he falls to the mat. Morrison has a dazed Jericho in the corner and Morrison is desperately trying to eliminate Jericho over the top rope.

Mysterio out of nowhere tries a standing moonsault onto Hardy, but to no avail as Hardy puts his knees up. Jericho begins raining down right handed shots onto the forehead of Morrison and Morrison stumbles away from Jericho allowing Jericho to come back into the ring. Hardy gets the dazed Mysterio up to his feet and hits an amazing suplex!

Jericho delivers a german suplex onto Morrison and Morrison rolls all the way to the edge of the ring. Jericho gets to his feet and goes over to the downed Morrison and gets him up to his feet. Jericho then leaps into the air and hits a great looking drop kick knocking Morrison over the top rope, but Morrison doesn’t hit the floor!

Hardy bounces Mysterio off of the ropes and tries to go for the tilt-a-whirl slam, but Mysterio reverses it into a big time hurricanrana! Hardy goes flying. Jericho waits for Mysterio to get up to his feet. Jericho rushes over and tries to go for a clothesline, but Mysterio ducks the shot and goes for a crucifix, but Jericho reverses it into a samoan drop!

Morrison stands on the outside apron and waits for Jericho to get up to his feet. As soon as Jericho gets up to his feet, Morrison springboards off of the top rope and goes for a flying crossbody, but Jericho ducks it and Morrison hits Hardy! Jericho gets Morrison up to his feet and looks to be going for a powerbomb.

He lifts him up into the air, but Mysterio chop blocks the back of Jericho’s legs and Jericho falls backwards and Morrison’s neck bounces off of the top rope! The crowd goes nuts and Morrison looks like he’s totally out of it! Hardy slowly gets up to his feet and so does Mysterio. Hardy and Mysterio begin trading blows with Mysterio getting the better of the two.

Mysterio tries to throw Hardy off of the ropes, but Hardy reverses it and bounces Mysterio off of the ropes. Hardy tries to go for a clothesline, but Mysterio ducks it and springboards off of the second rope and tries to go for a crossbody, but Hardy reverses it into a side effect in mid-air! The crowd pops big for that huge spot!

Hardy slowly, but surely gets up to his feet. He looks around and pumps up the crowd. Hardy goes to the outside, but Jericho runs up and hits a big time Code Breaker! Hardy is now eliminated! Jericho raises his arms as if he’s completely won the match. As soon as he turns around, Morrison takes him out with a huge spinning wheel kick! Jericho goes down hard. Morrison gets Mysterio up to his feet and hits a nice looking snapmare.

While Mysterio is sitting up, Morrison bounces off of the ropes and delivers a huge running knee shot to the face! Mysterio is out! Morrison then drags Mysterio over to the corner and it looks like he’s setting up for the Starship Pain. Morrison pumps up the live audience. As soon as Morrison bounces up, Jericho pulls back on the neck on Morrison causing him to get locked in a tree of woe.

Jericho then falls down to the mat to recover for a while as the ref begins his count, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 Jericho and Mysterio almost mirror each other getting up to their feet. Jericho and Mysterio begin trading blows, but Jericho delivers a kick to the sternum of Mysterio and hits a huge d-d-t! Jericho then slowly gets up and yells, “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!

Jericho then gets Mysterio up to his feet and bounces him off of the ropes, when Mysterio returns, Jericho launches him up into the air for a flapjack, but Mysterio reverses it into a beautiful d-d-t in mid air! Both men are down and the ref is counting, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. Mysterio gets up to his feet very slowly as Jericho slowly pulls himself up by the ropes, but he rests on the second rope. Mysterio sees his chance and he bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge 619! Jericho falls back to the mat.

Mysterio begins to pump up the crowd, but Morrison gets up to his feet and springboards off of the second rope a hits an amazing Flying Chuck eliminating Mysterio! The crowd pops huge, it’s down to John Morrison vs Chris Jericho! Jericho is still down from the 619. Morrison pulls him towards a corner and hits a great looking Starship Pain!

As soon as Morrison gets up to his feet, CM Punk slides into the ring and quickly places Morrison on his shoulders and hits a GTS knocking Morrison over the top rope! It’s over and Chris Jericho is going to Survivor Series to either face Punk or Undertaker!

Punk stares down at the laid out Jericho. Punk then walks over and looks outside the ring at the unconscious Morrison. Punk then raises his hand in victory as the crowd boos him heavily. The show closes.

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