What to Do With Bryan Danielson in the WWE

Steven RansiearCorrespondent INovember 16, 2009

A lot of us Internet wrestling fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bryan Danielson to WWE television. 

Danielson signed a deal with the company back in August of this year and it was reported that he would be bypassing developmental, which to me is a smart choice. 

The WWE has a history of taking top notch talent and forcing them to change their style inside the ring, often leaving them not bringing what got them there in the first place, once on television.

Danielson has been called "The Best Wrestler In The World" by many. For a few years it was hard to make an argument against that statement. 

Danielson put on numerous memorable matches inside and outside of his home in ROH. Who could forget the rivalries with Takeshi Morishima and Nigel McGuinness?

Danielson was able to capture championships around the world, including the ROH World Championship which he held for an astounding 462 days.

He also established himself in Japan taking home the Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship in 2008 as well as the New Japan Pro Wrestling Jr. Tag belts with Curry Man in 2004.

With Danielson on his way to the WWE, the question of what to do with him is certainly a hard one to answer. But I'm going to try.

Most of us would love to see him come in on Smackdown and shoot right to the top in a program with CM Punk. Something we never really got when both men were on the independent scene. 

Danielson would be more than able to pull it off as his promo skills improved dramatically during his final years in ROH and he can bring it just as good as ever in the ring. Not to mention, CM Punk isn't doing much these days since losing his title to the Undertaker. 

It'd be a perfect match up for both men. Taking an established heel like Punk to build up a newcomer like Danielson would give Danielson some credibility early in his WWE career. Usually we see younger talent taking on the lower card workers during their beginning stages.

Of course the more likely series of events is that Danielson will appear on ECW as a member of the new superstar initiative. Probably under some goofy name like the painful Yoshi Tatsu given to Naofumi Yamamoto.

If that is the route that the WWE takes, they should ship Christian off and let Danielson go at it with William Regal. Danielson trained under him a little and wrestles a similar stiff style. I for one would certainly tune in on Tuesday nights to see them go at it.

If the WWE is smart, they'll know that he has a cult following however small it is in their eyes and push him right off the bat. They've been doing pretty well lately with the booking of their younger workers with Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler making an impact on their respective brands.

To be brutally honest, Danielson can out work all of them, thus making him an ideal candidate to feud with any of them. Danielson plays his heel and face personas at a high level equally which is an invaluable tool to have in wrestling.

Raw seems to be the worst place he could end up as it's already crowded at the top. That leaves only the desolate wasteland that is the RAW mid to lower card.

There we might find him appearing sporadically as a jobber, maybe getting a win over someone like Primo or Santino Marella. It would be an absolute waste of his talent.

I understand that if Danielson follows the path of a Jack Swagger or Kofi Kingston, it could be up to a year or two for him to get any sort of push beyond that midcard barrier. We the fans know that this shouldn't be what happens but it's a cruel reality we might face. 

Just please WWE...let him keep the Cattle Mutilation. The name will have to go but it'll be a unique move that Danielson can use to his advantage.

Perhaps becoming something that will get him over with the fans as they'll look for him to pull it out of nowhere like he has so many times before.

Danielson has had some time to rest up as he's completed his independent commitments. This should provide for a fresh American Dragon to explode into the WWE.

Because let's face it, even if he's on ECW, even if he gets a dumb name, he's still Bryan Danielson. He's still one of the best of this generation. And he'll still kick your F'ing head in.