Bruce Arians Needs to Be Let Go Despite Ben's Love for the guy.

Timothy KesslerAnalyst INovember 16, 2009

PITTSBURGH - 2009:  Bruce Arians of the Pittsburgh Steelers poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
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It is obvious to every Steeler fan that the Pittsburgh organization sticks with their coaches through thick and thin. And most of the time that is a good thing and has lead this organization into becoming one of the most consistently winning organizations of all time.

The problem is that it is equally as obvious to nearly every Steeler fan that in the case of Bruce Arians, this should NOT be their policy.

Every coach should be allowed to set things straight when things are not going as planned, as long as they have a clear vision as to where they want to take their team.

The problem is that this does not seem to be the case with Bruce Arians. He is one of the most inconsistent coaches I have ever seen. From one week to the next he continually changes the direction he wants our offense to be heading in, or so it seems. And that is not a good thing.

When the running game was horrible, he seemed to always want to run.
When the running game is going great, he seems to focus on the throw.
When the passing game works best in the no huddle, he avoids the no huddle.
When he should try and throw in some deep plays, as in against Minnesota when their corner was out, he plays short dumps.
When we should use short screens and dumps, as in the last drive against Cincy to move the ball down the field as they were playing to prevent the deep ball, he calls three long pass plays.

He never once used the no huddle in a game where it was apparent that we needed to throw Cincinnati's defense off track!

Was it because he knows too many people are realizing that our offense works best when he is not calling the plays? And he didn't want that to be obvious again this week? Or, was it because he felt that what didn't work all game would suddenly somehow work?

The fact remains that this guy has done nothing but hold our offense back. It is only because of the quality of our offensive players that his weak offensive coordinating has survived this long.

Ben has to realize this as well by now and put his personal feelings for Arians aside, for the benefit of the team. Tomlin should as well.

This article should be used as somewhat of a petition for any and every Steeler fan to comment on, to allow the Steeler organization to realize that the fans know what is going on, and we feel they need to do something to remedy the situation.

Hopefully before he hurts our team any further, and possibly keeps us from the playoffs. Which i doubt would happen, but the offensive coordinator of the team should not be another hurdle in a teams attempt to make the big show. The offensive coordinator should help the team to succeed.

Its obvious that Arians is NOT doing his job up to par.

He has become a hinderence to our success and truly needs to be let go.

My apologies go out to Arians and his family for my personal stance on this issue. My intents are only for the good of the Steeler organization as opposed to a personal attack on anyone.