Romo Escapes Carter Comparison, Barely

D. R. PedrazaCorrespondent INovember 16, 2009

Cowboys QB inconsistant at best

It was one of those games that you just shake your head at. If the Dallas Cowboys proved one thing, it’s that they are not one of the elite teams in the NFL. When you mention the best teams, week in and week out, you talk about New Orleans, Indy, New England, Denver, hell even Cincinnati, you cannot put these Cowboys in the same category.

There were times out there when Romo looked befuddled, the Packers defense seemingly all over the field. But it was another factor that really took its toll (besides 1 TD in 11 drives). That would be accuracy…as in QB accuracy.

Pass after pass, quarter after quarter, Cowboys fans watched as receivers leapt, stretched and dove for balls that were out of their reach. Per the Head Coach, “We had a lot of drops today, I’m not sure Tony was off as much as we had some drops and plays that we normally made or had been making.” Parcells said in the after press conference.

No, coach, that was Tony throwing bad passes.

Now in Romo’s defense, the O-Line was pressured heavily, but what O-Line isn’t? Payton Manning and the Colts, down 31-14 at one point, just didn’t quit. They gutted the game out and (with the help of a blunder by Coach Belichick) were led to victory by their QB.

All of this just proves one more thing; Romo can’t perform under pressure and lead his team to victory. When your 3rd down efficiency is 25% (3-12) and you lead the league in 3 and outs (14) it’s hard to win games.

Some folks will try and pin this on the defense allowing 17 points, but the flip side of that is the stat above; when your defense is on the field that much, they will wear down.

Yes, Romo lost the game, but if not for the fact that he finally managed a scoring drive, he would have been placed right alongside of another Dallas underachiever, one Quincy Carter (who was the QB the last time Dallas was shut out) but even that comparison would be unfair…to Quincy…at least he had a drug problem for an excuse. Sorry Tony, Jessica’s been gone for a while now.