Brock Lesnar Needing Surgery, May Never Fight Again

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 16, 2009

According to reports, Dana White is trying to get UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar into the world famous Mayo Clinic and tells TMZ that Lesnar has some kind of intestinal disorder that will require major surgery.

White has told people that Lesnar is very, very sick. And he could possibly never fight again. It is said that he had collapsed in Canada a week ago after going there to rest up after being diagnosed with mono.

People need to realize that it's possible the mono, which makes people sick for some time, is most likely the reason Lesnar collapsed. And people shouldn't hinge on the word "collapsed" either. As it may be that he was running a fever and the room started spinning and he fell over. So, its not like he went into a coma or started seizing.

Mono has been known to be vicious on people. Most people are sick for weeks with just the normal kind of mono, but it can get far worse. Which has to be what Lesnar has.

The intestinal issue, better known as a gastrointestinal issue, is something I am very familiar with. As I have a similar issue. I can tell you that if he has to have major surgery, he will heal very slowly.

The intestines, which would be where the surgery would take place, heal slower than any bone, muscle, etc. As organs that do so much for one to break down food and get to the bowels for it to, well, exit the body. Both the small and large intestine are very important to the body.

The one thing that will be noticeable is the loss of weight, which, as a fighter, is very important. He runs close to 270 when he fights, and if he goes down say, to 220, that is a significant weight advantage lost for Lesnar.

Also, right now if the intestines are not working well it causes the gallbladder to do a lot. Which, if it has to do too much, causes gallstones. It's possible that if it has to do too much, that it will completely stop working one day.

Which would make him end up having to take it out. It's not a terrible surgery, as it is usually done with lasers. I have had mine out, and the toughest part is the first week. I missed only two weeks of school and it took maybe 3 to 4 months for to be at 100 percent.

But I am not a professional athlete.  Lesnar could do better if he has to have it taken out.

The intestines are something that you cannot play around with. Even after surgery and rehabbing to get better, there may not be a future as a pro fighter. Simply because the intestines cannot take punishment all the time.

As an MMA Fighter, people will go after his abdominal area. And if he comes back to fight, people will go straight for his weakness. You cannot blame them for that, as they are supposed to do whatever they have to do to win.

If it's legal, they will do it. Heck, sometimes they will even if it's not.

The intestinal area may take a lot to come back from, and through it all they will probably give him dexpanthenol and choline, which, when compounded, can really help the intestinal area break down food and help it move better through the intestinal tract.

It is given more commonly to people who have impaired stomach emptying, and it could work for Lesnar now.

Still, it is only to treat the intestines and not something that will heal them. Lesnar may never fight again simply for his health. He could either fight through the pain (literally) in every fight and for the rest of his life, as it will cause even more damage to the area. Or he could possibly let his intestines heal and live a normal life outside of the octagon.

Now, White has not been saying much. Just filling in the media little by little, while trying to keep things private. Which is understandable. And he claimed that he knew what was wrong with Lesnar but wouldn't reveal it.

Still though, if we ever see Lesnar in the octagan again I'd be surprised. But, if he does come back it won't be for a long time, maybe years. And even if he does come back, he probably won't be the same dominating Brock Lesnar we are used to.

He'd be an older, possibly lighter, shell of the fighter we saw him as before.