Steelers' Day After: Bruce Arians Once Again Costs Pittsburgh

Lee HeislerCorrespondent INovember 16, 2009

First and foremost, give credit to the Cincinnati Bengals for coming into a hostile environment, staying calm, taking advantage of opportunities, and getting the win.

The Bengals player of the game should be Bruce Arians. He was able to singlehandedly stop the Steelers offense. With 40 passes and only 17 rushes, he made the Steelers a one-dimensional team—to the delight of the Bengals defense, because that is the goal of every defense.

I'm also going to call out Mike Tomlin, because he sat by and let it happen. As a former defensive coordinator himself, he should know this. Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher wouldn't have let this happen. It's okay to be a passing team, but you have to keep the defense honest.

For example, the Bengals continued to run the ball even if it wasn't successful to slow the Steelers' pass rush. Late in the game, the Bengals were able to have more success running the ball and taking time off the clock because the running game tires the defense.

Besides refusing to run the ball, Arians stuck with the empty backfield, even though three out of the first five times the Steelers used that formation, it resulted in sacks. The other two resulted in a batted ball and a four-yard gain on a pass to Heath Miller.

So why stick with it? The Bengals blitzed like mad, so why not go to the coaching 101 book and counter that with moving the pocket, screens, and draws? Instead Arians countered with deep routes and long developing plays?! Makes no sense to me!

Arians too often abandons the run and becomes enamored with the deep passing game, which other teams see and take advantage of. Give credit to the Bengals for the win, but Arians once again proved that he is a well below average offensive coordinator.

This my backs up my theory that the Steelers too often have to overcome Arians' poor decisions and that they win in spite of him, not because of him.

Also, it's time to take away Stefan Logan's hat on gameday. He has made very few "splash" plays in the return game (which is why he made the team), makes bad decisions in the return game, and is not very good on the coverage units. Give his gameday roster spot to a LB in order to improve the coverage unit. Let Mewelde Moore and Mike Wallace handle the return duties.