Brad Keselowski Isn't The Only One Who Needs A Sitdown

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Brad Keselowski Isn't The Only One Who Needs A Sitdown
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One of the more interesting stories of the weekend came from the NASCAR Nationwide Series Able Body Labor 200 at PIR.  The continuing feud between Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin reignited when Keselowski spun Hamlin.  After a bit of he said, he said and the blatant threat from Hamlin that he would enact revenge at next weekends Season Finale at Homestead, NASCAR officials called Keselowski to the hauler for a meeting of the minds. 

This all stems from multiple incidents between both drivers throughout the season.  Did NASCAR need to talk to Keselowski?  Absolutely.  The question I have is why didn't they have a discussion with both drivers?  This is an interesting feud that will boil over at some point as Keselowski heads to the Sprint Cup Series full-time next year. 

My cause for concern is that Hamlin directly threatened to take out Keselowski next weekend.  NASCAR, in the past, has been quick to put out these kind of fires due to the dangerous circumstances surrounding the use of a driver's race car as a weapon. 

Should Hamlin be upset? Yes.  Should Keselowski show some patience and even a little respect for his fellow competitors?  Probably.  Should Hamlin be allowed to make open threats to use his car to wreck another driver?  Never. 

If Hamlin wants to go over to Keselowski's car after the race and Jimmy Spencer Keselowski, NASCAR should allow the drivers to work out their problems in the garage after the race.  NASCAR cannot allow Hamlin to endanger himself, Keselowski, and other drivers on the track next weekend. 

A sitdown with the NASCAR officials before the first car pulls onto the track at Homestead with a stiff warning to both drivers that using their cars to retaliate will not be tolerated is the only satisfactory resolution to this feud.

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