Scotland and Ireland For 2012

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IJune 12, 2008

The bid to hold this year's championships is sensationally back on for Euro 2012.

As UEFA confirmed that Ukraine/Poland was having trouble, they surprisingly announced that if it isn't on track by August, bids are back on.

Ireland and Scotland were sensationally paired and bid for the Euro 2008 games but Austria/Switzerland beats them off.

In 2002, there was fallout, but now could we rejoin and possibly host 2012?

The main reasons Ireland/Scotland failed in 2002 were due to the lack of guaranteed surveying in Ireland and all of Scotland's stadiums in Glasgow.

The UEFA unfairly viewed England's 96 year as the UK's benefit, so Scotland somehow got an advantage from hosting nothing.

When you look at those issues, they can be resolved.

Croke Park in Dublin is now open to football unlike in 2002 when it was strictly GAA. Work has begun on the New 50,000 Lansdowne Road and Thurles Stadium can hold 53,000.

Scotland have already come out and said they would be open to redevelop stadiums outside Glasgow if it meant success. Both governments would be 100% behind it.

They have looked into the possibility of a single bid, but their government must ask itself, why spend so much extra money when Ireland can provide three stadia and make more money?

Although we dramatically failed last time, the people of Ireland and Scotland deserve another chance.

Their fan's are among the most passionate in world of football and deserve a chance to share the "craic" with Europe's elite.

As Dustin the Turkish said, "Give us another chance, we're sorry for River dance."

Just substitute Euro 2012 into River dance and we might just do it.