The Terrible 10: College Football's Biggest Disappointments (Nov 15)

Drew GatewoodAnalyst IMarch 22, 2017

Joe Murphy/Getty Images

10) San Jose State (1-8)

You know you’re bad when a 3-7 team comes in a drubs you. Next up, Hawaii.

9) This week’s stellar officiating:

During the Ohio State vs. Iowa game, Iowa was penalized 6 yards for a false start. Apparently in the Big Ten it’s a sliding scale, the earlier the start the more yards attached to the penalty. This weeks winner was during the West Virginia vs. Cincinnati game, when Isaiah Pead was given a touchdown without crossing the goal line or having the ball.

8) Washington State (1-9)

They’ve been outscored 14-91 in the last two games. Next up, Oregon State.

7) Miami Ohio (1-10)

This week they reverted back to their old self, look for that to continue. Next up, Bowling Green.

6) Ball State (1-9)

Don’t be surprised if Central Michigan drops 50 on them this week, This Cardinal team looks like a bunch of parakeets. Next up, Central Michigan.

5) Rice (1-9)

Rice shocked us all and finally got on the board, better late than never. Next up, UTEP.


4) Western Kentucky (0-10)

They have one last beat down before they get to a game they might actually have a chance to win. Next up, Florida Atlantic.

3) New Mexico (0-10)

They gave us a scare against BYU and actually looked competent. Next up, Colorado State.

2) Eastern Michigan (0-10)

Do they have one more win in them before the end of the season? Not unless someone forfeits. Next up, Toledo.

1) The Tennessee Volunteers’ Rocky Flop Trio of NuKeese Richardson, Janzen Jackson, and Mike Edwards.

These three geniuses tried to hold up some people at a Knoxville gas station: Problem one: It’s Knoxville, they do know who you are. Problem two: Don’t commit armed robbery in your Tennessee Volunteers Football shirts; it’s sort of a clue.


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