UFC 105: Couture Invents Cage'n'Pray and Coasts To Victory

Jason EisenhornContributor INovember 15, 2009

UFC 105 really displayed the depth of talent coming out of England and showed that the UK is here to stay in MMA.

My favorite match was Ross Pearson and Aaron Riley.  Pearson showcased a level of energy and diversity in his striking that most fighters rarely attempt.  The flying knee that split Riley's head open will surely be making Ross' highlight reel and shows that he is the real deal.

Speaking of flying knees, Matt Brown used his knee bone to get the only win over a British fighter in the main card.  Great back-and-forth on display.

Bisping showed true testicular fortitude after being dropped early in the first round. Showing spectacular ground defense, Bisping used his hips to dull any edge that Dennis Kang might have had on the ground.  Bisping then came out like a demon in round two and powered through Kang for the TKO. 

You may not like "The Count" but you have to respect his skills.

Mike Swick and Dan Hardy delivered, but in less of a brawl than expected. Lots of vicious clinching and even a take-down in round three.  Hardy earned his win with the better hits. I can almost see Hardy pulling a "Terror Serra" on GSP and swarming him with punches. Also, coming out to Cock Sparrer rocks!

I think Hardy won some fans with this fight.

Randy Couture has just invented Cage'n'Pray.

Basically laying on Vera the entire fight, while doing little else, I knew Randy would take the W as soon as Bruce Buffer said the word "unanimous." Octagon control rears it's ugly head.  I can see why the judges gave the fight to Couture, but I don't think Randy really won the fight in any significant way. The trend of scoring big bouts for big names, while rewarding the efforts of stalling really needs to end.

Brendon Vera didn't win the fight though. "The Truth" sent the 46-year-old to his back in round two with brutal body kicks and a knee, but didn't follow through enough in the closed guard to finish the fight.

Much like his coaches, I'm sure many fans want to scream their heads off and beg Vera not to suck so much.

The biggest surprise was that Randy could only get Vera on his back once. "The Natural" never displayed the power or energy that makes one a dangerous fighter. He retreated to the cage to lay on Vera in an almost cowardly fashion.  Clinching Vera wouldn't have been a bad thing if Couture could have hurt him, gassed him, or transitioned into some serious ground and pound. But Couture did none of these things.

Other than some punches at the start of the third round, Couture did no damage to Vera.

Much like Jake Shields last weekend, Couture retreated and was rewarded by inexperienced judges. Cage'n'Prey is born and the Couture hype train chugs on to another UFC fight.

UFC 105 was a strong card, but one could argue it was ruined by the main event. Sloppy, slow, and boring in the extreme, lets all hope that Tito and Griffin can pull an epic fight out of their board shorts next week at 106.