PPV Preview: Turning Point (predictions.)

Dale BurkeContributor INovember 15, 2009

Tonight TNA is moving on toward the mainstream light, the question is just when will it arrive.Tonight Orlando's own Impact Zone brings the fans Turning Point, and if i were a betting man I would say tonight will be a good step forward for the Nashville-born company.

I will start out with what i think the opener should be. Amazing Red vs Homicide
this match on paper looks like a bummer but both homicide and Amazing Red have evolved some in the last couple years. i was Shocked to see Red escape Ultimate X with the title but with rumors afloat about a new finisher im hoping He comes out on top. not to cut Homicide short as he is just as deserving of the prize, i think having Red retain would open up more paths for the young superstar maybe even build him enough of an ego to start claiming he is holding the most important prize in Tna Wrestling today....

Next up Steel cages are meant for the most brutal of stars brutal like Kong. I will laugh like heck if she ends up on top of six sides of steel beating her chest, thus proving Dixie only hired her to mock Mark Henry. Tara in the pre-show claims she has some new moves to unveil  tonight can we be seeing Tara take it to Kong MMA style? is she a stand up or is she a grappler it will all be answered tonight and i think with Tara's current momentum she may end up victorious tonight.

Tag team matches are horrible with just two teams lately in professional wrestling. However TNA's answer is to throw more teams than necessary at the tag champs British Invasion. they will defend against MCMG and Beer Money. Can the British invasion beat the odds and walk out of turning point keeping the World Elite with the gold? As i am looking forward to Shelley and Sabin pulling off some good stuff in this match it pains me to say i see BI walking out of the impact zone with titles intact.

Next ill go into #2 of 3 six wrestler tag matches (this one being 3 on 3 not 2 on 2 on 2)

And its for all the KO gold. The beautiful people take on Taylor Sarita and ODB. the winning team walks out with the gold. plenty of options here for how this plays out. does the victor (the person causing the decision) become new champ or if Taylor and company retain do they all just keep their belts? I think ODB is doing good with what little bit of a focus they have put on her title reign and see her Sarita and Taylor being the victors.

and now for some husband-wife drama. you have the Boss Bobby Lashley vs Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Steiner has been harassing Lashley's wife Kristal for quite some time. (well the last few weeks anyhow.) Steiner was last seen busting Bobby with a pipe in his hotel room. what condition will the Boss Be in going into this "Revenge match" I want to see Steiner win mainly because im a Steiner mark. though i think their should be a score board for the match of botches and no sells as these two have a history of being violators.

Its youth vs veterans in our next bout as Team 3d and Rhino take on Morgan Hernandez and Dinero. (no it is not Julio)   OK so let me get this straight the only body in this match that hasn't been tainted by a McMahon is Hernandez. and 4 of the 6 have been in one form or another in ECW. And the youth team have all blown the chance to be champions. and the veterans have champs and one guy who was champ when he first arrived than faded into oblivion until his conspiracy theory angle. now that i have all that figured out and caught everyone up to speed. I see TNA favoring the EcW originals in this match (once again ECW being played as Evil) to put any weight behind rhino's anger look for rhino to get the pin on Hernandez to keep them two busy for a little while.

In another Youth vs Veteran fight you have the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt freaking Angle taking on Desmonde Wolf. Desmonde's promos of late have been pretty funny, ill admit. But i dont think Angle is going to be on the losing end of match one in this possible series.  As i do think Kurt may be TnA's measuring stick for the younger wave that is coming through, i just see kurt making desmonde look good but taking the victory and getting a post match attack after he tries to show respect to the tna rookie.

The tension between Daniels and AJ has been brewing and Joe looks like he wants to continue stirring it up. but can the nation of violence walk out of turning point with the V? Joe will pull this match of showing he is not only dangerous he is calculating. look for Joe to cause ruckus between AJ and Daniels then just sit back and relax watching their friendship unravel. Joe has done well at alluding to Daniels being green with envy and if it goes Joe's way AJ and Daniels will take each other out and leave themselves to be ripe for the pickings for the Samoan submission machine. I am looking for this to break up into possibly 3 mini matches AJ vs Daniels Daniels vs Joe and AJ vs Joe. AJ has been on top before I think it is currently his time right now so look for AJ to walk out of turning point still TNA world heavyweight champion.

The Quick List:

  1. Red Retains over Homicide.
  2. Tara over Kong in a knockout Six Sides of Steel
  3. British invasion retain against MCMG and Beer Money.
  4. team Taylor over the BP to keep the titles.
  5. Steiner over the Boss
  6. Team 3d and Rhino def Morgan Hernandez and Dinero *still not Julio*
  7. Kurt over Wolfe 
  8. AJ to retain against Joe and Daniels.