It's Not Wrestling That Has Changed, It's The Fans That Have Changed.

Mr MeanContributor INovember 15, 2009

It is no-secret that wrestling fans don't like the current situation in the WWE. We hear, not only in B/R but on other websites also people talking with nostalgia about the "golden 80s" or the "attitude 90s". 

We are currently in the 2000s and a lot of wrestling fans seem unsatisfied with the current product. I know I will get a lot of heat for what I am going to say but the only thing that has changed since the 80s are the fans.

First of all we watch wrestling knowing that it is fake while in the 80s most people didn't even know it was fake. So when we match Cena getting beaten for the 90% of his match but at the end getting up on his feet and performing his finisher to win the match we fill it is unrealistic. Back at the 80s when Hogan hulked up and got his "magic power" fans seemed to enjoy it, many even believed that Hogan got his power from the crowd reaction.

In addition, now we got the Internet, the Internet is full of proof about wrestling being fake and videos zooming in the closest detail to show the blood- pill or the fake punch and make even the most loyal fan understand that what he watches live or at the TV is nothing else but a combination of a soap-opera and a puppet show.

At the 80s the fans didn't care about wrestling being fake or not. They enjoyed the moment and they cheered when their American hero managed to overcome the odds and beat the corrupted millionaire or when their Warrior managed to lift and slam the aggressive giant.

Not to mention that today most wrestling fans moan about a PPV before it even takes place. Back then fans would feel a religious respect about Wrestlmania and they would even feel lucky they lived to watch a Wrestlmania. 

In other words back then Wrestling was a religion to the fans, it was a battle between good and evil it was a chance to see their heroes. Today from the point of view of the fans wrestling is just a time-consuming activity.

From what I stated above you can conclude that it's not wrestling that has changed, it's the FANS that have changed