Off-The-Field Message Blows Away On-The-Field Message in OU 65-10 Win

Sooners ExaminerContributor INovember 15, 2009


There was so much going on in Oklahoma's 65-10 demolition of Texas A&M that it's impossible to dismiss the victory outright or bestow praise upon it.

In either case, the bone of the game will crack if the weight of too much interpretation gets applied to it.  

The game could get the victor labelled as having returned to the glory days of yesteryear. Not.  Or as a trendy fraud in Sooners' clothing.  Not that either.  Keep reading for what this game did reveal.

It was a game, not particularly impressive, which extended Oklahoma's nation-best home win streak to 29 games and made the Sooners bowl eligible.  

Like most sociopaths, Texas A&M is boring.  Boring on defense, boring on offense, boring even on kickoff returns, where they fumbled more often than teenagers in the back seat of a car.  

Yes, the Sooners gave some impressions to speak of.

Landry Jones is still a stud.  Five interceptions last week?  No big deal.  Five TDs against the Aggies and a career best 392 passing yards.

The Sooners OL is still in shambles.  Penalties and pressure were as prevalent as pancake blocks and protection.  The Aggies got down on themselves and got steamrolled.

Placekickers are still practically one-legged monsters.  Now the Sooners have a three-man rotation.  That works at shooting guard, but not at kicking guard.  

The Sooners' defense is still on par with the best in team history.  

What Oklahoma can put its weight down upon, of course, is the preparation and no-quit-attitude that pervades this team despite having a down year crushed by injuries and unmet expectations.  It's obvious Head Coach Bob Stoops and his coaching colleagues haven't lost this team Mondays through Fridays.  So while this on-field performance is nothing to write home about, what it says about the Sooners off the field can fill a proverbial library shelf.

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