Big Ten Is a Better Conference Than The SEC... Yeah... I Said It

Nathaniel WrightContributor INovember 15, 2009

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 14:  Wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos #15 of the Iowa Hawkeyes tries to haul in a pass as he is defended by Chimdi Chekwa #5 of the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. Chekwa was called for pass interference on the play.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

So I just got done watching Iowa vs Ohio State. A game that was supposed to be a blow out. The Big Ten leading Iowa Hawkeyes were not supposed to sniff a championship. All the pundits predicted Ohio State would walk away with a victory.

There really wasn't a reason to watch was there. Good thing nobody told Iowa. James Vandenburg came out with guns blazing. Two and a half hours later the game was decided on a backup kicker hitting a 40-plus yard field goal with seconds left.

I'm not going to recap the whole game because anybody who is reading this probably saw this game and know this was a classic.

Big Ten football at its best... chess matches everywhere.

Great offensive line play, solid defensive play and smart coaching. It was all anybody could ask for in a Saturday afternoon. Surely this game would be the game to be talked about for the rest of the day.... Well think again.

Time and time again the Big Ten has shown it to be the most exciting conference in college football. Michigan vs Notre Dame... Classic. Iowa vs Penn State.. Classic. Iowa vs Michigan State... Classic. And to cap off the Big Ten season it came down to the two best teams in a knock out drag out game for the world to see.

Even after the game you couldn't be mad at who won or who lost. This was a great example of how college football should be played. Don't let the masses spin you... you saw it with your own eyes' this was good football this year.

Because if you listen to what Greg Doyel and Pat Forde tell you this was the worst conference in the history of conferences. The SEC is the best conference God ever gave man. And if your not down with that we got two words for you....

Don't blame Greg and Pat... it's not their fault. They are at the mercy of the people who want you to believe something your eyes don't tell you. CBS and ESPN are in bed with the SEC. They signed a Multi-Billion dollar deal with the SEC and they want to get their money's worth.

How else do you explain Tim Tebow still being a Heisman candidate despite having such pedestrian year? How else do you explain ESPN mandating from the beginning that even with one loss the SEC will get into a National Championship game even before the teams played the year out?

They hitched their wagon to a horse and they are going to ride them out for all it's worth. But don't let them fool you... the SEC isn't that great. In fact... It doesn't even compare to the Big Ten this year... and they know it.

See, the problem isn't even with ESPN and the SEC... it has more to do with the Big Ten Network. ESPN and CBS have an ax to grind against the Big 11 because they have their own. The Big Ten recently told the cable networks they didn't need them and they make a profit without them. They got their own and the masses can't stand it.

So what do they do... take shots at the league.

Let ESPN tell it and you won't respect the great offensive and defensive lines of Iowa and Ohio State. Even though you know you are watching the best line play in the country in the Big Ten.

They ransacked over USC and Arizona this year. The worst thing they don't tell is that the Big 10 is a very young league. If you look at the Ohio State's and the Iowa's of the league... they have a lot of freshmen and sophomores playing. This is only going to get better.

Another thing that ESPN and CBS did was tell you week in and week out that Iowa was horrible. All Iowa did was find a way to win ballgames every week. Sure... when Florida and Alabama barely beat the likes of Mississippi State and Tennessee they are scrappy and they find a way to win.

But let Iowa comeback from the brink of disaster to beat Michigan State on the final play and they rip it apart like it wasn't the best moment in college football at the time.When it comes down to it... the Big Ten plays classic football.

That's why their quarterbacks are always ready to play in the NFL. Ohh you don't believe me... how is Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, and Chad Henne doing ?

You take your conferences QB's and Ill take mine... let's see who comes out on top.

Let ESPN tell it and the best conference play comes out of the SEC. Yeah if you like rules against beating Florida and Alabama. How many times have we seen SEC officials bail out the top two in order to keep the perception that the conference is great.

Give me Big Ten football where a team like Northwestern has a shot against Iowa. They won't be bullied like Arkansas and LSU were. Ohio State didn't get bailed out time and time again like Florida has this year, like LSU did against Georgia, or Alabama against LSU.

When you get beat in the Big Ten you get beat... and I'm okay with that. I wear my losses like a badge of honor... I know who the best team was that game and I congratulate them.

The SEC is a fraud, their top teams don't want any part of competition. That's why they schedule cream puffs year in and year out. Or am I supposed to respect republic of Charleston Gator fan.

Tell me Florida, why is that you play a tough schedule when you don't go west of the Mississippi. Give me Minnesota scheduling Cal. Give me Ohio State's schedule against the top teams of the country. Miami, Oklahoma, USC, Texas.... those are all teams we line up against to prove we are the best... sometimes we aren't... most times we are the better team.

When it comes down to it... it's what you see over what you are told. Every week CBS and ESPN tell you Tim Tebow is the front runner for the Heisman... Now you watch college football. Is Tim Tebow and his 125 yards passing leading you to believe that he his the best college football player in the country?

Is the SEC's weak ass OOC leading you to believe that they play the top competition year in and year out? I'll put Iowa and Ohio State against any team in the SEC. Alabama is overrated. Yeah, that Alabama team that got housed by Utah and UL Monroe in the past years. Florida wants no part of Iowa's punishing offensive and defensive lines.

All I am saying is don't let people tell you something that you know isn't true. They are going to tell you Iowa vs Ohio State wasn't a great game... it was.

They are going to tell you that Tim Tebow is the greatest... he's not.

They will tell you that $3 billion dollar ESPN-SEC doesn't mean they can't be objective... that's exactly what it means.

The Big Ten is for real this year... No matter what anybody wants you to believe.