If Only We Could Get Rid Of Joe Rogan

Jason CottierAnalyst INovember 14, 2009

INGLEWOOD, CA - MARCH 17:  Comedian Joe Rogan attends the IFL Fight Night at The Forum on March 17, 2007 in Inglewood, California.  (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for IFL)
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Joe Rogan is an idiot plain and simple.  I have listened to so many of his claims that a fighter is bleeding so badly, when it turns out to be a small trickle of blood, or nothing at all.

Rogan is trying to show the world that he is an MMA expert with his bragging on super boring ground fights that are obviously going nowhere.

This past UFC event he even complained about a stale mate against the cage being restarted. 

Saying that we do not have the attention span to keep up with a fight that is stuck at a point where neither fighter is gaining any ground.  Not only that, but there is no real effort to gain an upper hand.

Maybe if this were a BJJ event that had no time limit the fighters resting on the fence would be part of the fight that had some relevance, but these fights are timed.

So maybe before Joe Rogan begins insulting fans maybe he should realize that nobody really takes him that seriously to begin with.

He was bearable on Fear Factor, but anyone could have carried that show due to the shock value that it had.  He sank The Man Show, and his stand up is a joke in itself that he actually had his own special.

Joe Rogan is an idiot and UFC would be much more enjoyable without listening to that jackass.