Brazil Stroll To Yet Another Easy Win Over England

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst INovember 14, 2009

Screams brake the silence of the night in Doha,Qatar. The English team is suddenly awakened to seemingly, endless, blood churning, screeches.

Rooney looks to Crouch - Goodness me you think it's a terrorist attack? -No - replies Crouch- it's just Wes Brown having those Nilmar nightmares again!!-

Nilmar da Silva is his name and the Internacional striker, recently transferred abroad for millions, was the star of the recently concluded Brazilian friendly versus the boys from the Premier league, England.

Apart from scoring the only goal of the match, Nilmar absolutely tormented poor old Wes Brown of the English Premier League's Manchester United, in an endless display of skill and the correct use of timed pace.

Word is that Wes will probably need some therapy to make the Nilmar nightmares go away.

Brazil strolled to an easy victory over England in spite of the absence of several key players.

This makes it a total of 11 matches versus World Cup champions that Brazil have played in the Dunga era, with a stunning 8 victories and 3 draws, most away from home.

Versus England the Seleção fielded a mixed reserve team with several newcomer test players also out there.

Two outstanding tested players, who will certainly give Dunga a lot to think about, would definitely be Thiago Siva who was a rock in the back-line and Nilmar who given the right support twisted the English around all night.

The lone goal came from an Elano lofted ball which found Nilmar well positioned with the ex-Internacional striker cleverly lobbing the ball over approaching Manchester United's Ben Foster while alluding, no other than, poor old..... Wes Brown.

Minutes later Wes Brown then tried in vain to chest the ball down for an equally lethargic looking Foster but both were outpaced by the speed of Nilmar once more.

Foster had no choice but to bring down Nilmar leading to a penalty.

The Manchester United keeper was not shown the mandatory red card which pretty much summed up a night of substandard Refereeing as the English constantly fouled Kaka and others, struggling to keep up.

Brazil's usual penalty taker, Kaka, let Luis Fabiano hit the spot kick and well....we all discovered why Kaka is the usual penalty kicker as Fabiano shot it over the bar.

This served to deflate a moment when it looked like the floodgates would open up, as Brazil were finally stepping on the pedal, bad ref or not.

The rest of the match looked like a sauntering training session for the Selecão, as several changes were made and Brazil slowed it down.

There was a brief Lucio adventure towards goal which ended with a cracking shot off the bar but not much else.

England continued to try some vain attacks, never really getting it together, and indeed without a single real accurate shot on goal for the entire match as the Premier League boys looked flat indeed.

In the dieing moments both teams seemed content with the score with Brazil notching up yet another victory versus the English making it 11 victories 9 draws and 3 (all friendlies)loses.

The English for their part seemed content to keep the score at just one as the opposition on the night were certainly not the kind they are used to back in their European qualifiers.

..........would somebody get Wes some Valium so the English delegation can  get some sleep tonight!!