Mellon Arena: The Buzzkill Of The Northeast

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Mellon Arena: The Buzzkill Of The Northeast

Now I could talk about the recent decline of the Pittsburgh Penguins in standings, I could talk about recent injuries and the eagerness to bring center Evgeni Malkin back in the lineup, but I would rather talk about something that hasn't been talked about. As a resident of the city that holds the Stanley Cup, I feel it is my duty to inform and educate my fellow fans about the ongoings away from the ice. This article is all about you, Pittsburgh, mainly the people who frequent the Mellon Arena during Penguin home games.

Let's cut right to the chase. I'm pretty disappointed in you, not one single person, but the Igloo fans as a whole. Your team is the defending Stanley Cup champions and you cannot get loud and rowdy for sixty minutes? I have been to four home games this season and every one of them has been a disappointment on the side of my fellow fans. Throughout this article I will address some key issues that bother me with the Igloo fans, and then find ways to correct these issues.

Issue number one: People who bring their young children. These people typically sit near the glass or a little above. The have enough money to pay three hundred dollars a ticket, but not enough to hire a babysitter for three hours. You will usually locate these patrons near an aisle seat so they can call the usher quickly if any foul words arise. God forbid their three year old child starts repeating things he or she has heard at a hockey game. This issue is a pretty simple fix: STOP BRINGING YOUR CHILDREN TO A HOCKEY GAME. Take them to see Sesame Street on Ice, at least they'll know the players' names.

Issue number two: Get off your hands. Why must the Igloo fans feel the need to always stay seated until a score? Possibly due to the fact that escalators are a wave of the future according to Mellon Arena. Maybe the stairs just make people so tired, they are forced to sit the entire game. If you sense my sarcasm, we are on the same page. To fix the issue? GET UP! I know you people are out there, I watched the entire game in Columbus and THAT...was intense. The arena in Columbus was electric for the duration of the game. Both Penguin and Jacket fans were standing, cheering, yelling obscenities, it was great. That is how hockey should be.

My final issue: GET LOUD! I understand it is an old arena. I understand the ceiling is very high and may not hold in the noise like most of the new arenas. I understand Parkway traffic is awful and just making it to the game by 7:30 is a feat by itself. These are all likely excuses, but unacceptable excuses. The fix? Drive out the old people. The only time people get loud in that arena is when highlights of Mario Lemieux and Paul Coffey play on the jumbotron.  This is a new generation of Pittsburgh hockey with a new crowd and younger crowd. Get rid of the old people and the Mellon becomes electric.

The last year of Mellon Arena should be a memorable one. I need a pledge from all of you that you will help make this one of the best hockey arenas in the league, and once the Consol Energy Center opens its doors for the first time, make it one of the toughest venues to play in. Not because of the team, but because of the noise. I love you Pittsburgh, NOW GET CRAZY!!

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