Facts And Opinions: There Is a Difference!

Mr MeanContributor INovember 14, 2009

Since I joined B/R I saw a lot of comments criticizing WWE superstars or former WWE superstar (Hogan,John Cena, Batista just to mention a few names).

Those certain individuals give comments like : "Hogan doesn't belong in any top 10 list" or " Cena can't wrestle".

People must understand that there opinion isn't a fact.

FACT= Something official and justified e.g Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius

OPINION= Opinion is what you BELIEVE about a certain matter e.g Arsenal is not  a good football team.

In my article you will see some classic examples of facts and opinions

Opinion: Hogan doesn't belong in any top list of all time.

Fact : Hogan is ranked as the number 1 wrestler of all time by the PWI years. Just in case you don't know what PWI is it stands for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and its job is to rank wrestlers in many different categories (best gimmick,worst gimmick,wrestler of the year,most overrated etc) 

So the people that say that the Hulkster does not belong in any top list are wrong as Hogan takes the number 1 spot in an all time OFFICIAL list.

Opinion : John Cena can't wrestle.

Fact : John Cena is currently under a contract in the WWE (one of the best, if not the best wrestling entertainment promotions). In addition he was selected by the PWI as wrestler of the year in 2007

This proves that John Cena must have at least some skill to be in such a great promotion and to be a wrestler of the year in 2007.

Keep in mind that I never said that John Cena is one of the best,I just gave some proof that he CAN wrestle.

Opinion : Batista is on steroids.

Fact : Even though Batista was "accused of anabolic steroid use after an ESPN article released the names of wrestlers that were clients of Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Florida, one of many pharmacies under investigation for filling illegal prescription drugs"(Wikipedia) he stated that he was tested regularly by the WWE and was never found guilty (which in fact is true).

Batista might seem like he has a huge muscle size (this is the reason people believe he is a drug-abuser) there hasn't been any report of him using drugs so there is no proof.

Opinion : John Cena is one of the most underrated in the WWE today.

Fact : John Cena was voted from PWI as the most overrated of the year 2006.

Yes, you don't hear these very often but I have read it one or two times in comments.

Cena was voted as overrated which proves that he IS overrated.

We have reached the end of my article. I hope people can now at last understand that there IS a difference between what you believe (opinion) and a fact.

Thanks for spending some time with me today, hope you enjoyed my article and be sure that more will come. 

Have a nice day.