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NORTHBROOK, IL - AUGUST 08:  Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, speaks to the media before a press conference announcing the selection of Roger Goodell as the new NFL commissioner during the NFL owners meeting on August 8, 2006 at the Renaissance Hotel in Northbrook, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

 In A Surprise Move From The Raider Organization, Al Davis Fires Himself!

   Shocking the Raider Nation during the bye week Al Davis finally placed the blame for the Raiders woes directly on his own shoulders.

In a short statement Mr. Davis elaborated on his decision."I've been in this business and this organization a very long time. I was the first Raider Coach with a winning record... back in uh..'63 to 1965. I was the Commissioner of the AFL and negotiated the merger that brought the modern National Football League into existence. Together with my friends John Madden and Tom Flores I have guided the Raiders to three Superbowl victories. In all the time since, I have been in charge of the Raiders and have helped bring the glory and tradition of excellence to this team through the decades. Now I have to say that it is time to let go of the day to day operations of the team. As my health has declined these past few years I realize that I no longer have the energy to run.. uh ...manage the Raiders..with the long hours of work that it takes to put a winning team on the field. The game has not passed me by, do not doubt that! I still know football and what it takes to win. Recent losing records are why I'm stepping down as general manager. I'm still involved in the business side of the Raiders and will be following the team as always. A new General Manager will be chosen soon who will uphold the tradition, the  Pride and Poise of the Raiders and uphold the  Commitment To Excellence that has always been the mainstay of the Raider organization. There will be more information in the days to come. See you at the games!"

Still looking defiant and proud Al refused to take questions as security hustled the throng of reporters out of the facility.


Then I woke up from this dream and wondered if it had been real. I jumped on the computer to see if there was anything on the press conference. It seemed so real! Nothing! It was just a dream and I woke up to the nightmare that the Raiders had become lately. Damn! Later I realized that Al Davis makes the draft choices, hires the coaches, tells them who to play, and even what defense to put on the field. I bet he even calls down some of the plays to the head coach on the sidelines. Then the thought  hit me...When Al fires his head coach he is really firing himself!  Wow, he doesn't even realize it....pretty funny.