THE Record That Will NEVER Be Broken

Dan KuyekContributor INovember 14, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 28:  (FILE PHOTO) Head Coach Wayne Gretzky of the Phoenix Coyotes manages his team from behind the bench during his game against the St. Louis Blues on February 28, 2009 at the Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Gretzky announced on his website he resigned as the coach for the Phoenix Coyotes on September 24, 2009 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

 The number of noteworthy to historic achievements by sports competitors is too long to be listed. The records set by same are also amazingly long. However, one almost never gets the recognition it rightfully deserves.

 Wayne gretzky's number of records held at his retirement in1999. The Great One held or shared 61 all-time records in the NHL. These records also EXCLUDE the production of Gretzky is the WHA previous to the merger of the WHA and the NHL.


Gretzky's NHL records

Archived from 1998-99 season.
 These are the NHL records held or shared by Wayne Gretzky.
RecordNo.Year set
Goals, career8941979-1999
Assists, career1,9611979-1999
Points, career2,8551979-1999
Assists per game, career1.321979-1999
Goals by a center, career8941979-1999
Assists by a center, career1,9611979-1999
Points by a center, career2,8551979-1999
Overtime assists, career151983-1999
Goals, incl. playoffs, career1,0161980-1997
Assists, incl. playoffs, career2,2211980-1997
Points, incl. playoffs, career3,2371980-1997
Hat tricks, career501979-1999
Most 40-goal seasons121979-1991
Consecutive 40-goal seasons121979-1991
Most 50-goal seasons
(tied with Mike Bossy)
91979-1987, 1988-89
Most 60-goal seasons
(tied with Mike Bossy)
51981-1985, 1986-87
Consecutive 60-goal seasons41981-1985
Most 100-point seasons151979-1996
Consecutive 100-point seasons131979-1992
Goals, single season921981-82
Assists, single season1631985-86
Points, single season2151985-86
Hat tricks, single season101981-82 and 1983-84
Goals per game, single season1.181983-84
Assists per game, single season2.041985-86
Points per game, single season2.771983-84
Goals, incl. playoffs, single season1001983-84
Assists, incl. playoffs, single season1741985-86
Points, incl. playoffs, single season2551984-85
Goals by a center, single season921981-82
Assists by a center, single season1631985-86
Points by a center, single season2151985-86
Goals in season’s first 50 games611981-82 and 1983-84
Fastest 50 goals from start of season39 games1981-82
Consecutive point-scoring streak51 games1983-84
Consecutive assist-scoring streak23 games1990-91
Assists, single game
(tied with Billy Taylor)
7Feb. 15, 1980
Dec. 11, 1985
Feb. 14, 1986
Assists, road game
(tied with Billy Taylor)
7Dec. 11, 1985
Assists by rookie, single game7Feb. 15, 1980
Goals, one period
(tied with nine others)
4Feb. 18, 1981
Goals, playoffs, career1221980-1997
Assists, playoffs, career2601980-1997
Points, playoffs, career3821980-1997
Game-winners, playoffs, career221980-1997
Hat tricks, playoffs, career81980-1997
Assists, playoffs, one year311988
Points, playoffs, one year471985
Short-handed goals, playoffs, one year
(tied with four others)
Assists, playoffs, one series
(tied with Rick Middleton)
Assists, Stanley Cup Finals101988
Points, Stanley Cup Finals131988
Assists, playoffs, one game
(tied with Mikko Leinonen)
6April 9, 1987
Short-handed goals, playoffs, one game
(tied with six others)
2April 6, 1983
Points, Playoffs, one period
(tied with 10 others)
4April 12, 1987
Goals, All-Star Game, career131980-1999
Assists, All-Star Game, career
(tied with four others)
Points, All-Star Game, career251980-1999
Goals, All-Star Game, one game
(tied with three others)
Goals, All-Star Game, one period41983
Points, All-Star Game, one period41983

  There are many reasons for this slight, Wayne's career peak occured prior to the massive media era that followed shortly afterward. Also, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada isn't the media meccas of NY, Chi, et al. While  his trade to the Los Angels Kings recieved world wide coverage, it remains that The Great One was already past his prime and the majority of the records were already acheived at the time of trading.

   These records are likely or even probably going to be broken, sooner or later. However, the fact remains that the odds of anyone holding or sharing 61 records at the point of retirement in the future? Forget it.

   This is the record that will never be broken.