NBA Draft: Sleeper, Steal, Or Bust!!!

Jordan McKittrickContributor IJune 11, 2008

Every year when the draft comes around each team has to take a look at all aspects of a player and then hope that they are not going to be the next "Big Country" Bryant Reeves, Kwame Brown, or Sam Bowie. 

So I decided to look at this years draft and tell you who is going to be the player that will be those this year. 

In addition I will tell you who are going to be the sleepers of the draft and the steals of the draft.  With the sleepers I expect a player with very little hype or one who isn't well known to be a solid two-three option for a team. With steals I expect the player to become the star of their team in the near future— for instance Tony Parker or Michael Redd.

Format: Player Name, Expected Place drafted, Expected Stats


Eric Gordon, No. 7 to LA Clips, 14 PPG 4 RPG 5 APG

Nicolas Batum, No. 15 to Phoenix, 11 PPG 4 RPG 3 APG

DJ Augustin, No. 13 to Portland, 13 PPG 4 RP 7 APG

Brandon Rush, No. 28 to Memphis, 9 PPG 5 RPG 3 APG


Anthony Randolph, No. 5 to Memphis, 12 PPG 7 RPG

Bill Walker, No. 34 to Minnesota, 8 PPG 4 RPG 2 APG

Shan Foster, Undrafted, 6 PPG 3 RPG 2 APG

Richard Roby, No. 58 to Lakers, 5 PPG 4 RPG 3 APG


Kevin Love, No. 6 to New York, 9 PPG  6 RPG

Brook Lopez, No. 4 to Seattle, 8 PPG 5 RP

2008-2009 Rookie of the Year:

OJ Mayo, No. 3 to Minnesota, 19 PPG 6 RPG 6 APG