West Virginia vs. Cincinnati: Still Proud To Be a Mountaineer

Scott PauleyAnalyst INovember 14, 2009

The Mountaineers of West Virginia put up quite a fight in their 21-24 loss to Cincinnati Friday night.

Being a lifelong WVU fan, this kind of game really tears at the heartstrings.  Of course I wanted WVU to win the game and go on to win the Big East title.

However, watching the Mountaineers contain the No. 5 Bearcats and holding them to 24 points helps me take this loss in stride.

If I were to be honest, I would mention that I really didn’t expect the Mountaineers to win the game.

Although, I have never gone into a game thinking they couldn’t win.  That’s just what we Mountaineer fans do.

There have been the little games that WVU should have won, but didn’t and the big games they shouldn’t have won, but did.

When a new coach comes to any team and leads it to victory in a way such as Bill Stewart has done with the Mountaineers, well, it’s just something of which to be proud.

I have been proud of the Mountaineers efforts over the last couple of seasons. 

I am proud of the way the players have handled themselves during coaching changes. 

I am proud of the way the team hasn’t given up during the big games and the little games.

I am proud of the wins.  I am proud of the losses.  I am proud of the way West Virginia has represented the Big East in bowl games.

I love Mountaineer Football. 

That is why I can still be happy.

In the past I have found myself taking a WVU loss, really hard.  I find that after such a game, I get quiet, my true demeanor becomes hidden in silence, and I even get a little grumpy.

Near the end of the Cincinnati game I received a text on my cell phone from my wife who was watching the game while she was stuck at work.

Here is what it said: …Just remember you love me and I am not the enemy!

It made me laugh.  However, it made me think.

It seems like my wife gets the wrong end of the deal when the Mountaineers lose.  To her I apologize and exclaim my love.

I now say this to the Mountaineer fans: it’s time to buck up and get behind the Bearcats.

With two more wins, Cincinnati will be undefeated and be showing the all the naysayers that the Big East is in the BCS to stay.

The whole league should be proud of the efforts put forth this year in football.

Cincy, Pitt, South Florida, Rutgers and yes, West Virginia have all had a great season.

No, the season isn’t over but, that just leaves more time for greatness.

Whether you hail from the North, South, West or East, you are the Big East.

So, Mountaineer faithful, let’s show the rest of the nation why we are proud to be Mountaineers!