All The Talk In The World Can Not Help Rozsival Or Wade! NYR Lose Again!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent INovember 13, 2009

WASHINGTON - APRIL 15:  Head Coach John Tortorella of the New York Rangers discuses strategy during a stoppage of play against the Washington Capitals during Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Round of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs on April 15, 2009 at the Verizon Center in Washington,  DC.  (Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images)
Len Redkoles/Getty Images

The Rangers faced the always dangerous Atlanta Thrashers last night and once again the Blue shirts found out the hard way that they are just not that good!

It does not matter who your top stars are, how many goals they can score a year . It does not matter who your goaltender is or who the head coach is. When your team has the worst defense in the NHL, YOU WILL LOSE MORE GAMES THEN YOU WILL WIN.

Only 19 seconds into the game Evander Kane blows right by non other than Michal Rozsival, passes to Armstrong who scores the goal. Time after time , game after game, Rosey is getting beat , getting dumb penalties or just out of place and most of the time is results in the opposing team scoring a goal. 18:06 into the second period, again Evander Kane ends up in front of the net all alone and who is there , Rozsival! This is getting old real quick. Rozsival again cost them the game. Yet coach Tortorella continues to play him and does not even mention this again when interviewed.

I guess with 10 years in the league, Rozsival and TORT will practice on his defensive skills. Lmao like it will change for the better. Not a chance!

In the third period the Rangers are losing and on the power play. Who does coach Tort place on the PP. Rozsival and again he fans on trying to pass the puck when the Rangers are in the offensive zone! Why the hell was he even on the PP is beyond me and why the hell would anyone on his team pass him the puck is even more stupid!

What in the world is Tortorella thinking? Every game Rozsival has lost control of the puck, even when the puck is sitting right in front of him not moving he fans on trying to pass or shoot it. But please by all means keep playing him, in fact give him even more ice time. GREAT JOBCOACH!

For the 4th game in a row, Marc Staal has been where he should not be. Deep in the offensive zone and he has been the cause of 3 goals being scored in those 4 games. Last night was almost number 4.

Staal is not the fastest of defenseman nor is he the most experienced defenseman. He is only in his third year and along with Dan Girardi they have been very inconsistent in their own zone. But once again, game after game , practice after practice they are working on Staals offensive play. Good God, what will it take for someone in the Rangers organization to realize that they do not need more offense, they need defense?

I guess scoring 5 goals or even 3 goals is not good enough, the Rangers, with what was one of the best goalies in the league need to score ten goals a game to win. Why? Because that is their problem, not scoring enough goals. It can not be the great defense so it has to be the offense. Just ask the coach.

At this point in time the Rangers have 4 defenseman that they can get rid of. But I bet instead of getting rid of the worst first, they will start with the better of the worst and work their way down and continue to play Redden and Rosey. Giradi has be awesome on blocking shots. Yes superb! But the over all defense of play has been not up to par.

When you can not keep the puck out of your own zone or our out of your own net, you need to look at your defense. Not your offense. So now we already know coach Tortorella is not a man of his word, but now we need to question his intelligence. Can it get any worse? Well, yes it can.

Chemistry does not come in one shift or one practice. Yes there are players out there that just automatically click together based on their style of play. From Dubinsky to Lisin, Higgins to Callahan. Throw them all in there in one game and the results will be the same the majority of the time leading in zero goals. But, But when you have two players like Prospal and Gabby goals are made. Lisin worked out on that line and so was Dubinsky for the most part. Dubs is out for a while so now who will fit in. Cally looks ok there so I think it wouls be a toss up between the two. However Kotalik with that rocket of a shot of his would also do well with Prospal and Gabby looking for the rebounds.

The injury to Drury, as messed up as it is might be could work out for the better. But instead of bringing up another player from Hartford that can fit in, Tort brings in Voros. This is the perfect opportunity to give the younger guys the shot they deserve. This is why you recruit and draft players. This injury will also allow these young players to get the experience they need in the NHL. Never mind the fact that they have some top prospects in HARTFORD that just might make a difference both defensively and offensively.

Sean Avery has been invisible as well. I don’t see him doing his thing or anything major for that matter. Whatever it was that he did best has been long forgotten and in the past.

I like Brian Boyle, he has a lot of potential , but until he starts to use his 6’6 250lb body more and get more physical he is a waist in my book. He had a shoving match last night and for a second I saw some life in him. But that soon diminished his next shift when he refused to check anyone.

What happen to this great physical play coach Tort has preached about? Where is it?

The Rangers took 8 penalties last night which resulted in 2 pp goals for Atlanta. A broken record I have been, but hey, their average has been six penalties a game. You can not win do that. I don’t care who you are or what team you are on. Especially when your defense sucks. How they have managed to be 2nd in the pk department is amazing. Well, not really. They do what they do best and that is stand around in front of the net blocking shots. Really don’t take much defensive skill and energy doing that.

If Tort continues to use Redden and Rosy, the Rangers will not go far. He also needs to split theStaal Girardi line and focus on them just for defense. He needs to give one player a few games on that top line instead of just a shift or two. That is not good coaching. Ranger fans have good reason to hang their heads might low in shame.

When the coach or Sather does not do anything about their players, then it is up to the fans. Boo Rosey and Redden until they are gone. No matter what they do, boo them. If they get a hat trick, boo them. If they score a goal tomorrow, does not mean they recovered, it just means you can not expect another goal for another 20 games. We have to boo them until Sather gets rid of them!


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