I'm Sick and Tired of UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva

Ken FossAnalyst INovember 13, 2009

When I think of Joe Silva, two things immediately come to mind. For starters, he'd make a great recast choice for Oddjob, if (more like when) Hollywood gets around to remaking Goldfinger .

Second, that he's a painfully mediocre matchmaker with a laundry list of questionable decisions that have shaped the course of careers.

Remember UFC 102 , with Gabriel Gonzaga's squash fight with poor Chris Tuchscherer, who was kicked so hard in the balls he hurled into a bucket for three minutes, before continuing, to get slaughtered in short order?

That's just the tip of his matchmaking prowess, and his skills (or lack there of) have motivated many a fan to rub their temples in agony.

No better example of this was UFC 103: Belfort vs. Franklin . On that card, Top-5 WW Josh Koscheck took on never-was Frank Trigg in a bout that ZUFFA had to drum up a sob story to get you interested in. A matchup between Hermes Franca and Tyson Griffin, which I struggle to find a worse one for a guy coming off a long layoff and injury.

A prelim showcase bout between McFedries and Drwal in a fight to figure out who's going nowhere fastest, rounded out by the most predictably yawn-inducing fight to get "The Janitor" a win.

I could go on about how he's put Paulo Thiago in a situation to lose by winning, and win by losing when matching him up with Josh Koscheck; or how he thought Rob Yundt was a good matchup for Ricardo Alemida, and turn this into a total flame piece. Or I could ask why doesn't anybody else seem to notice?

Why do so few know this man's name? You see him every telecast...that's right, the short guy who comes into the cage, talks to both fighters, and leaves. The guy who's at the weigh-ins.

The guy in the photo.

What is it about this man that insulates him from scrutiny? Well I know the answer to that already. Dana White, and ZUFFA marketing.

As much as I abhor the UFC's use of propaganda, generated from both the mouth of Dana White and the media relations folks at ZUFFA headquarters, there's no denying one thing: it works.

Travel across any website or radio station and what comes out of their mouths is gospel.

The reason is simple, the truth is a lot of work.

It's the reason talking heads like Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, and Glenn Beck have permeated the airwaves and become so popular.

If you scream loud enough and look like you care, just enough, you can get people to believe anything.

It's hard to believe that in the age of information, with everything but a click away, we can't manage to spend a couple of minutes investigating the facts rather than analyzing the spin.

Alas, that's the way it is—until someone on the inside of ZUFFA headquarters says, “Gee, this Joe Silva guy really stinks at his job.”

We'll have to live with Frankie Edgar becoming the new Okami, Rich Franklin being sold to us as a legitimate PPV draw, Roli Delgado taking up card space, Aaron Simpson getting buried on UFN preliminary cards, and Matt Serra vs. Frank Trigg with Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie on a Super Bowl weekend card...