NSS Rates This Year's Celtics Against The Best In Franchise History

Nick Gelso@CLNS_NickCorrespondent INovember 13, 2009

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Go One on One with North Station Sports Writer, Matt Golden...

In an attempt to create an interactive debate, we decided to go one on one versus YOU!

Matt Golden ranks his top Celtics teams against the roster of this year's squad. Read, enjoy and sound off with your rankings.


I think "best team" talk is way premature. Way. It's November for crying out loud. Does anyone think the Celts roster won't be different in May? Also, and more importantly, is that I will not be responsible for any and all jinx, real or perceived, that comes from this article.

I have chosen my four favorite teams from Celtics past to compare against this team.

My fab four are:

- the 1959-60 team - the first truly great NBA team
- the 1964-65 team - the best Bill Russell team
- the 1985-86 team - the best team ever assembled
- the 2007-08 team - the best 1 year team this decade

I am going to go position by position with three bench players. And we are off....


This is hilarious. No offense to Kendrick, but the best big man ever and the Chief are way way too much to compete with. Let's take a look at the stats.

1960 Russell - 18ppg/24 rpg/4 asts
1965 Russell - 14/24/5
1986 Parrish - 16/10/2 (1.5 blocks)
2008 Perkins - 7/6/1 (1.5 blocks)
2010 Perkins - 10/6/1 (2.5 blocks)

I will say this...the 09 Perkins is much better than the 07 version. His defense, under the tutelage of KG, improves almost game to game. That being said, I have to rank them like this...

1. '60 Russell - (HOFer) A 25 year old monster in his prime... an All Star and All NBA in 1960 (2nd in MVP)
2. '65 Russell - (HOFer) A 30 year old monster still kickin' ass... an All Star, All NBA, and NBA MVP in 1965
3. '86 Parrish - (HOFer) The Chief had a great great year in 86... an All Star in 1986
4. '10 Perkins
5. '08 Perkins



Point Guard:

This is an interesting position because it has changed so much physically over the last 50 years. Guys are longer and the position is much more about athleticism now but I think this group of guys can hang with today's boys. Let's go to the stats...

1960 Cousy - 19/5/10
1965 KC Jones - 8/4/6
1986 DJ - 16/3/6
2008 Rondo - 11/4/5
2010 Rondo - 11/4/9 (with 3 steals)

I love Rondo's game, especially when he is playing his heart out on defense, but as we saw in Jersey last week when he can't hit a jumper, he is a liability. He has to be taken off the floor in crunch time and this will continue to happen from time to time until he can consistently punish opponents who fluff off him. Again, he is much improved over the last two years. He is so close to being a top tier player, but he just isn't. He certainly isn't an MVP and 13 time all star. He also isn't as good defensively as KC Jones, who is in the Hall of Fame for his defense. And then there is Dennis Johnson. I love DJ. Why isn't he in the Hall? Also a better defender than Rondo.

Gotta rank them like this...

1. '60 Cousy - (HOFer) At 31, still amazing...an All Star and All NBA in 1960.
2. '86 DJ - ($&%^#) Also at 31, he had a great year leading such a potent cast of characters and playing unreal D.
3. '65 KC - (HOFer) -Kind of reminds me of Rondo...has to be the only HOFer never to make an All Star team
4. '10 Rondo - Hit a jumper!
5. '08 Rondo


Shooting Guard:

Is Ray Allena Hall of Famer? I say he is. He has made 9 straight all star games and is one of the best pure shooters ever, especially for a guy who was the go-to guy on a team. The next question is do you deduct from him in these rankings for being past his prime...... Click here to READ MORE!

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