Fantasy Depth Chart's Week 10 Sits & Starts

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 13, 2009

This week has been horribly busy for me. I apologize for not getting this out Thursday. I am also sorry that I will be providing less then my normal insight for my Sit/Start selections. I’ve got an interview tomorrow (today as you are reading this) as well as a load of work at my other two jobs.

So here I go...I’ll try to throw fewer lame ducks then Cutler threw tonight.



Rashard Mendenhall vs Cincinnati Bengals

No this is not me making a homer pick. I have a well documented lack of trust in Mendy. Remember that guy Willie Parker? Yeah, he had 93 rushing yards against the Bengals. The Bengals are currently only giving up 83 yards per game. I expect 120 and a TD from Mendenhall.

Ricky Williams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m assuming Ronnie Brown is already in every starting lineup. Ricky Williams should be too. Just look at the 163 rushing yards TB gives up a week. Tons of Wildcat this weekend from the Dolphins.

Correll Buckhalter @ Washington Redskins

Moreno’s poor performance on Monday night means very little since Buckhalter performed just as poorly. But as long ad Buckhalter gets more PPR looks, he’ll be the Denver RB to start. Moreno is a decent flex start with TD upside, but Buckhalter is more likely to have the better weekend.



Cedric Benson @ Pittsburgh Steelers

No one does it. No one. And this isn’t like the Ravens “no one does it”. The Steelers actually stop everyone lol. Benson managed a good game last time against the Steelers but his real worth came on one 23 yard TD run. Benson won’t get past the Steelers and Troy Polamalu for a run like that on Sunday.

Marion Barber @ Green Bay Packers

I like Barber. I really do. But Tashard Choice is getting too many goal-line carries and Felix Jones is catching too many passes. There are too many talented options on this team and no real niche for Barber now that Choice is a tough nose runner as well. Don’t like that in conjunction with a above average GB run defense.




Joe Flacco @ Cleveland Browns

Don’t worry Flacco. The Steelers are coming soon enough. This week? Feast on the Browns. Enjoy yourself!

Mark Sanchez vs Jacksonville Jaguars

In similar fashion, here you go Mark. Enjoy having a moderately good week. Note: Still shouldn’t be used in anything but 2QB or deep leagues.



Marc Bulger vs New Orleans Saints

You had your chance Bulger. Now you face a stiff Saints defense. I’m anticipating two or three INTs with at least one returned for a TD. Sorry Rams fans.

Matt Ryan @ Carolina Panthers

The Panthers did not pressure Brees like they wanted to last weekend. The key for Ryan will be developing a strong running attack with Turner and capitalizing on his deep attempts. I fear sacks and coverage will keep his production down.




Sidney Rice vs Detroit Lions

I’m not sure if Favre or Peterson will have a great great day. It really just depends on who gets the lion’s share of the TDs. But Rice should get an obscene amount of receptions on Sunday. He is a sturdy start this weekend.

Patrick Crayton @ Green Bay Packers

Despite all of GBs problems this year, they have been able to put up points. The Cowboys are still going to have to matchup with the Packers score for score. The best all around WR the Cowboys have (when his hands are working) is Patrick Crayton.

He is a capable possession receiver as well as deep threat. Miles Austin will need support this weekend. Crayton and Witten will be the main suppliers.

Terrell Owens vs Tennessee Titans

Cortland Finnegan in back. But thats not going to be wholly enough to fix the broken pipes in the Titan secondary. Trent Edwards will be making the start, maybe some extensive film study will show him what the concept of “making the big play” can do for their offense.



Mike Sims-Walker vs New York Jets

Hate to sound like a broken record since everyone else is predicting this. But Revis is THE shutdown CB in the NFL. Sims-Walker really doesn’t stand much of a chance except to beat him deep and salvage what should be a low receptions total.

Chad Ochocinco vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Ike Taylor has had your number in the past. Now Troy has his back. I still love you Chad but you ain’t making nobody kiss the baby this weekend (poor improper English intentional).




Kellen Winslow @ Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are one of the worst at covering TEs this season. I expect the rookie Freeman to lean on Winslow to the tune of double-digit receptions this Sunday.

Keller vs Jacksonville Jaguars

While Sanchez may not be startable in every league, Keller is. He has had his ups and long downs. But this week should prove to be another excellent example of the game changer he can be. I’m expecting top five TE numbers.



Tony Gonzalez @ Carolina Panthers

I can understand not being able to bench Matty Ice. I can even understand people who feel they can’t bench Tony G. But lets just get down to it, Tony G is not being used to his full potential. Turner and Roddy White are the big play guys and Gonzalez is finally getting to ride some coattails.

He has been excellent in garbage time (or when teams are giving up the short pass) but I don’t think that will happen against the Panthers.